3 Common Mistakes of First-Time Vaping Users

Vaping Mistakes


It may surprise you to know, but you can misuse your electronic cigarette. Today, we’re going to quickly cover these 3 simple mistakes by both new and experienced users alike.

The first and most common mistake (hold on to your hats kids, you have heard this one before) is just that users simply don’t read the provided instructions particular to their device model. Every manufacturer either includes a hard copy of instructions or directs customers to a website with important directions for usage and safety warnings. It’s imperative that any level vaping user with a new product take heed to the manufacturer instruction. Note: It would be beyond the scope of this article to address each and every brand and their differences! Keeping your unit clean and operable. A common mistake of new vaping users is simply not keeping their device free from dust and pocket lint. There’s not a lot of instruction required to mitigate this problem; it can be as simple as having a case for your device. Check the instructions relevant to the device you own for proper cleaning methods.


Probably the most bothersome misuse of an electronic cigarette, vaporizer, or even a MOD is the delivery as it relates to potency. Traditional cigarettes regulated potency via two methods, on the manufacturing end by differing processes when making cigarettes, Lights VS. Full-flavor for instance. And on the customer end users self-regulated by how “strong of a draw” a user “pulled” from their cigarette.


With electronic cigarettes, one also regulates potency via two methods, the different e-liquids they use and the amount of voltage their device has. Increase the voltage and you increase the potency. Admittedly, this is an oversimplified explanation but it avoids a long and technical diatribe that boils down to the same thing; Greater voltage = increased potency. Taking time to properly select the e-liquid that suits both a user’s taste and potency needs, is time well invested as it pays off in a more pleasurable and satisfying vaping experience. This also applies to learning how to regulate the voltage of your unit, as not all units have a user adjustable voltage regulator but instead are set to a default. This leads to the infinite loop of e-cigarette under-delivery. If the potency of your liquid is too low for your needs you’re more likely to overdraw on the device and cause overheating, this in turn wears out the battery (and heating element), as the charge dissipates from use, so does the voltage, causing a user to take longer and more frequent draws in a never ending quest for the correct potency.


Well, there you have it. These common mistakes can happen to any level vaping user, but it’s all about how you can fix the mistake and avoid it from occurring again.


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