3 Quick Tips For Getting More Vapor From Your MOD

Most of us know that a MOD is a device that allows wattage and voltage changes depending upon on your vaping needs. Just by using it, you stand to really increase your vapor production. However, you’ve to have an understanding of how wattage and voltage work in order to increase your vapor production. Below are 3 tips for increasing your vapor output when using a MOD.

Tip #1: Sub-Ohm
Sub-Ohm vaping refers to vaping at a resistance of below 1 Ohm. This is a great way to produce more vapor from your MOD because the resistance is low. However, it should be noted that this could lead to battery spoilage due to the stress impacted.

Tip #2: High Wattage
If you want to achieve a greater vapor output from your mod, then you need to increase the wattages of your device. This however, should be done carefully so as not to burn your coil and therefore get a burnt flavor instead. If this happens, it could ruin your vaping experience and your interest in trying new things in vaping. Therefore, if you’re to increase your wattages, you need to first start at the low level. From here, you can increase the wattages gradually. Ensure, that every time you add wattages, you should vape and test if the device is too hot. If not, increase the wattage setting slowly and repeat this. However, if the device is too hot, you should adjust the wattage settings to the previous settings.

Tip #3: Lowering Coil Resistance
Another way of increasing the vapor output of your MOD is by decreasing the coil resistance. Remember, high temperatures are required in order to optimize the level of vapor production. Lowering the resistance of your mod will lead to the high temperatures required. However, it should be noted that if low resistance coils are used, they’re bound to burn out more quickly that the high resistance ones. Therefore, it’s important that the coils be changed often to avoid getting burnt flavors.
Increasing vapor production is one of the ways in which a vaper could enhance their vaping experience. However, while doing so, utmost care should be taken because MODs tend to be tricky in their usage, and if one isn’t well-informed on how to operate them, they could be a safety hazard.

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