3 Ways You Could Overheat Your MOD’s Battery

As most of you know, a MOD is a personal vaping device which uses a replaceable or rechargeable battery. It utilizes a manual system for pushing current from your battery to the coil of your atomizer. It’s designed to give you a strong vapor and improve the throat hit from your e-juice flavor.

Though MODs generally give you a superior vaping experience, improper care may lead to your batteries overheating. This won’t only lead to a poor vaping experience, but it can also a safety hazard because overheated batteries may even explode.

Reasons for Overheating of Your Battery

The main reasons that cause overheating in your MOD batteries include:

Poor quality or incompatible battery chargers can contribute toward this. Any charger purchased should be one that’s suitable for your MOD, otherwise it can cause damage to your battery’s internal sciencemagic, which could lead to future problems such as overheating. Most lower quality chargers don’t have the ability to track voltage in the battery as it is charging, which could lead to over or undercharging the batteries which could damage the inner workings of the battery.

Another cause may be the battery’s quality. Most of the higher end devices require batteries with a higher continuous amp discharge limit (this is typically governed by the atomizer used and the ohm rating of your coils. Most tanks will tell you the recommended or required discharge rates on the original packaging). If you have any questions regarding the specifications of your batteries, a quick Google search should set you straight. (As with all internet research, look at multiple sources).

The overall quality of your MOD may also be the reason why you’re experiencing overheated batteries. Quality MODs tend to be made in such a way that they avail the required amount of ventilation for your vaping experience. If yours doesn’t have adequate ventilation, your batteries are subjected to overheating. This is because hot air from the batteries aren’t adequately released out of your device to allow fresh air which cools your batteries

When using a MOD, you need to put safety first. This involves ensuring that your batteries aren’t a hazard caused by overheating and even exploding. Also, ensuring the safety of your batteries saves you unnecessary costs associated with battery spoilage. It’s advisable that you first check the compatibility and reviews of your charger and MODs before purchasing them. Make sure you are aware of the requirements and specifications of your MOD, atomizers, coils, batteries, and even e-liquids (some e-liquids perform best under certain power/wattage/temperature levels, wihch your device may or may not be capable of handling).

In the end, just make sure you know what you are doing and everything should be fine. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask anyone here or on any of the popular vaping forums. Knowledge is important, especially in regards to safety.


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