Women and the Vaping World

Throughout human history, women have made their mark. And do so despite and sometimes in spite of men. The world of vaping is no exception. Vaping, once seen as a “man thing”, is now becoming more popular with women. A once male dominated market is getting flooding by women. For a time, the only impact women had on vaping was as sexy models, booth babes as they’re called, to lure male consumers. In the advertising world, sex still sells. However, women are fighting back at this notion that they can be used to sell products to men but not allowed to use them. The industry is beginning to look at how women are affecting the scene as consumers.

Vape magazine noticed at one consumer show where female booth babes were used to attract new customers; 60% of the vapers present were women. It was apparent that the industry wasn’t taking a good look at their overall consumer base. Are women models needed to attract women customers or is it just standard advertising to use them? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have male booth babes or do women not need this allurement? It seems that models aren’t needed to attract women to vaping. The reasons for women choosing to vape range from using it as a quit smoking aid to the array of different e-liquid flavors. One thing is perfectly clear. Women are making the educated choice to vape.

They have made such an impact on the vaping world that there is an e-cigarette made specifically for them called Vaping Vamps. This is the only brand owned by women at this time. It can be used as a way to quit smoking and a fashion accessory. There is one product in this line called the Vampstick that uses no nicotine at all for those women who wish to vape without the harmful effects of nicotine. Women who are not smokers are attracted by the allure of vaping.

Now, women have even entered the sub-culture of dry herb vaping, which until recently, was a male dominated arena because of its supposed hardcore qualities. Much like the view of a woman smoking a pipe or a cigar, it’s not seen as being feminine. In today’s society, women aren’t concerned about looking or being feminine. They are exerting their rights to do what want, when they want. Women are more empowered today than a decade ago. Because of this, vaping is becoming more accepting and even preferable to smoking.

(Another major impact that women seem to be making on the vaping world is in the form of its marketing.)

It should be no surprise that women are making such an impact in the vaping world. They have done so throughout history and always will. In a society dominated by men, women will always be seen as the weaker, more sensitive gender. However, they usually are always the ones that keep mankind from going completely bonkers. Vape safely friends.

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