About Nicoticket

As we approach having completed our 2nd full year in business, our passion for harm-reduction continues to fuel our relentless effort to make traditional combustible cigarettes obsolete. We manufacture and distribute a small line of award-winning eLiquid, the consumable product that is “vaporized” inside of an eCigarette. We craft eLiquid with consistency and integrity – and pair that product with unparalleled levels of customer engagement. (Truth be told, we despise the word customer – you’re family to us!) The center-piece of our total value equation is a vibrant forum-centered, recovery-based community that delivers the kind of support smokers need to be successful. Our ‘holistic’ efforts at providing a “total harm-reduction solution” is more than just palatable to a “soon-to-be-former-smoker.”

To put it in no uncertain terms, you’ve never experienced anything like Nicoticket – we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you succeed in your personal effort to reduce the chances of becoming one of the nearly half-a-million people who will die prematurely this year as a result of smoking related illness.

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