Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue

Vapers Tongue

Your sense of taste and smell are affected by many things and are just a small part of your olfactory system. Vaper’s tongue happens to everyone, so there’s no reason to panic, it’ll eventually return to normal, it may be a few days or as long as a couple of weeks. This phenomenon is mainly due to a lack of your sense of smell; maybe you have a cold or allergies, or you’re a newbie to vaping and you are still experiencing the nasty after effects of smoking cigarettes.

Now, you can do a few things to prevent vaper’s tongue from occurring:

First, start by drinking more water. Vaping causes you to exhale a lot of your own moisture and become dehydrated, this dries out the tongue and dulls its senses. Also, make sure you’re brushing your teeth several times a day, bacteria builds up on your tongue. Chewing gum and using mouthwash also gets rid of the film that builds up.

Second, rotating the flavors you vape can also help prevent you from building up a tolerance to them. Select a different flavor each time you refill, pick a sweetened juice than a fruit flavor and so on. Menthol won’t only give your mouth a break but will also wake it up.

Additional tips for counteracting the tolerance you have built up to flavors include sucking on hard candy. Picking citrus flavors will refresh your tongue and the roof of your mouth, these are two of the places the flavor seep into the olfactory system.

For severe flavor loss you can try sucking on a lemon to shock your taste buds. Other strong flavors like cinnamon and even the sourness of a pickle can do the trick. An age old trick used by food tasters is to inhale coffee grounds, this cleanses your palette and leaves you open to new smells again. Try and avoid extreme measure like drinking vinegar, this can be caustic to your tongue and do more harm than good.

People who’ve recently quit smoking cigarettes also have a short term flavor loss. Whatever you do, don’t return to smoking cigarettes, give it some time and your taste buds will reactivate. This temporary situation will resolve itself and you will be able to enjoy those flavors again.

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