Battery Differences: E-Cig Batteries and Vaporizer Batteries

Once you’ve made the life altering decision to stop smoking and start vaping, that same decision puts you in order for a hefty amount of research to know what your options are. A helpful place to start is to decide if you want to go the e-cigarette route or go with a vaporizer. When it comes to making this decision, knowing the pros and cons of the batteries employed with these two different devices does quite a bit to narrow down the details.

So, first we’ll look at the battery specs of the e-cigarette. The e-cig’s very recognizable based on its appearance being that of a regular cigarette. Because of the slim by nature design, the battery is limited to how long it’ll properly work for the user. If a user doesn’t intend to use too much at once, this should not arise as an issue. On the contrary, for a user who desires a lot of use with little interruption, then the e-cig may not be the choice. What would be considered the paper of the cigarette is what houses the e-cig battery and simply screws into the end of the charging port once it is out of power. E-cig batteries generally don’t keep a charge more than a day and even less if the user desires an increased amount of usage. Some may find this to be more of an inconvenience than they’re willing to deal with. The standard e-cigs are cheaper on startup costs but the user can be very limited in customization and flavors.

Then there are the vaporizers. Vaporizers don’t maintain the classic cigarette look because the batteries are much larger in scope and in size. There are also more powerful models that allow the vaper to use the battery to charge, for example, a cellphone in the case of last resort. There’s a toggle switch that allows them to either give off a charge or receive it by utilizing the same mini USB ports that most smartphones use today. There are styles and/or sizes that range from what can be likened to a pen in the user’s hand, all the way to what looks like a box about the size of a pack of smokes. The difference is in how much power is delivered on each toke. Vaporizers allow the user to select a suitable output range by setting the desired resistance directly on the battery, which, on some models, can be viewed on a LCD. While the e-cig allows only one option for delivery strength.

After reviewing the information above, one can see the clear differences between e-cig and vaporizer batteries. While utilizing the same technology, the vaporizer batteries go further in maximizing potential vaping needs. With the battery options that’re now available, a user can determine what would be the best fit for their lifestyle.

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