Best of ECF 2013 Awards – A humble ‘Thank You’ (again!)

As if we don’t sing about ourselves enough – someone made us aware that there was no comprehensive list of all the awards we have won to date.

We covered the most recent Best of ECF “Members Choice” Awards (2014) here… but, in 2013 Best of ECF Awards we took down…

TOP VENDOR: Nicoticket

Best Overall eLiquid: H1N1 – Nicoticket

Best Tobacco: H1N1 – Nicoticket

Best Fruit: Tie for 1st Place (Betelgeuse and Gravity) – Nicoticket

Best Bakery: Custard’s Last Stand (CLS), Creme Brulee (CB), Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish (GCD) – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively – a clean sweep of the bakery category.

Thank you again to everyone who got out and voted in both 2013 and 2014!  Without you, none of this is possible!

~Clark, Katy, and the whole Nicoticket team!

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