Broken eLiquid Bottles, Oh My!

Going Postal

We refer to her as “Olga the Postal Abuser.”  You know – the witch that stands at the end of the sort line and abuses your vapemail?  Yea – her.

We anticipated we would experience some growing pains with regard to the transition from LDPE plastic bottles to glass… we finally received our first report of a broken bottle…


Now is when you cry – yes, this is a 60ml bottle of The Virus. virus2

Not exactly what we planned…virus3


At least the safety seal didn’t come off, right?virus5

How’s Nicoticket going to handle that?  Well – here’s the skinny.

First, before you curse the glass bottles – I am not sure one of the plastic bottles would have made it through that trial of fire… it looks like the USPS pulled an Ickey Shuffle on that vapemail.

We’re very much in the process of refining the process of packaging your bottles so they arrive safely.  In case you were curious – we replaced this one free of charge.  WHY?  Because we didn’t pack it proper… but we’re changing that on the quick.  SO, we need to emphasize this, again –   INSURANCE.  INSURANCE. INSURANCE.

Received a broken bottle in the mail?  Here’s what you need to do…

FIRST – Grab your camera.  Take photos of the following:

1) Photograph the unopened purple package, likely soaked in eLiquid.

2) Photograph the bottle broken inside the unopened “bubble-out packaging.” (This way we can verify that it’s not just a broken empty bottle)

3) Photograph the broken bottle after opening the “bubble-out packaging.”

4) Photograph the entire order (including undamaged bottles) on top of the (likely liquid soaked) invoice.


Send those FIVE pictures, along with your order number, to the following email address:

contact (at) nicoticket (dot) com

Then what?

We will be reviewing cases of broken bottles on a case by case basis.

If we determine that the production team improperly packed the order according to our protocol, then we will replace the order free of charge and cover the shipping to replace the bottle.

If we determine that the production team properly packed the order, we will refer you to the USPS to redeem the insurance.

If you don’t have insurance – we will provide you with a ONE TIME courtesy credit in the value of HALF your bottle IF the above photos are provided.

For subsequent breakage – you’re out of luck – you were advised about the risks of shipping goods via the USPS and the liability associated with loss or damage.

We’re making a best effort to be FAIR not get taken advantage of here folks – we have purchased some new packaging – bubble out packaging that rolls around the each individual bottle at least twice.  If we pack it proper, those bottles do NOT break unless the USPS pulls an Ickey Shuffle on them.  15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.  $2.50 can give you piece of mind that when your order is lost or damaged, it will be replaced.  BUY INSURANCE!


Priority Mail automatically comes with $50 worth of insurance against loss or damage.

Insurance for USPS 1ST CLASS MAIL only costs $2.50 and covers the ENTIRE SHIPMENT no matter how big it is.

Insurance is only available for DOMESTIC shipments – all international shipments are UNINSURED unless they are shipped via USPS Priority Express International.  Our policy for USPS 1st Class International Shipments has always been the following: Our liability ends at deliver to the post office.  If you want guaranteed delivery and insurance, choose Priority Express International which includes insurance for up to $200USD of protection against loss or damage!!

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