Can Vaping Make You Hungry?



Will putting down cigarettes, and picking up an e-cigarette, cause the same food cravings as just quitting smoking all together? Most of us smokers have put them down more than a couple of times, and we know all too well our food consumption quickly goes on the rise. This is mainly in part, due to the boredom created when we remove that 7 minute past time that consumed a large part of our everyday lives. Now, however, the option of quitting smoking, and replacing it with a vaporizing alternative, has made filling that boredom hole much easier. But does it still cause one to be more hungry having a vape pen over a cigarette?


E-liquids no longer come in 2 or 3 options, between tobacco flavor and menthol flavor. Now, you can buy e-liquids that tastes exactly like your favorite foods. Flavors so tantalizing, your taste buds start throbbing at the thought of this. Not only that, but almost all e-liquids don’t contain most of the other harmful chemicals found in most traditional cigarettes. Chemicals that our bodies become addicted to as well as the nicotine. So when we vape, we’re usually only curving the craving for nicotine, and not the other chemicals our bodies feel they need. This lack of fulfilling the full craving with only one of the addictions, could and most likely does still cause withdrawal symptoms in the brain, causing a need to fill that void. That need is almost always something delicious to eat, and lots of it.


So the question still remains: ‘Does vaping cause you to become hungry?’ For some people, the flavors of their e-liquids do indeed cause them to become hungry. For the rest of us, however, it’s simply another way to pass time and cure boredom caused by the lack of fully fulfilling our own addiction.

2 thoughts on “Can Vaping Make You Hungry?

  1. Tim Riepe

    You should pioneer the Ribeye and bacon and cheddar stuffed baked potato, If you nail it. That will be my new ADV! Don’t forget the sour cream notes!

  2. Sharon

    I’ve been vaping Betelgeuse exclusively for a year and have found that it helps curb a lot of my sweet tooth cravings. In fact, within this time I’ve actually LOST WEIGHT despite no other lifestyle changes besides quitting smoking and beginning vaping. I love this unexpected side effect!


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