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Finding The Right Throat Hit

To find just the right throat hit from your vaping device, be it an e-cigarette or MOD for instances, there are a few factors to consider that wouldn’t ordinarily cross the mind of those that’re brand new to vaping and the products that’re available.

  • E-Liquid flavor
  • PG/VG Ratio
  • Type of Device and Strength of Atomizer/Battery

E-liquid Flavor 
Keep in mind that this is a critical decision when selecting an e-liquid flavor that is tolerable to your palette and nose. 
When mixing custom e-liquids in lieu of choosing favored pre-fabricated blends, keep in mind these “ideal flavors” will taste when inhaled as they would if they were left to burn on a barbecue, so flavors like Cherry and Peach, which sounds delightful, will taste like burnt Cherries and Peaches (very gross!), so think more on the camp of blending tobacco and fruits or desserts, or menthol blended with fruit or desserts for the most tolerable tastes.

PG/VG Ratio
This has a simplistic yet gradual equation
Nevermind what they stand for but the higher the PG percentage next to the VG percentage (ie. 70%/30%) the stronger the throat hit will be, the closer to 50%/50% the higher the vapor output will be and the lesser the throat hit will be. So for stronger throat hit on any e-liquid blend, choose the higher PG value.
Type of Device and the output strength in wattage of the battery and atomizers inserted
Vaporizers are a finicky creature 
Most vapes are gonna give you a lot of throat hit which is not dependent on the e-liquid, PG value, or battery/atomizer output, basically the size of the vaporizer at the base is bigger for a higher wattage output and this higher wattage output charges and heats the cotton coil atomizer inserted at the neck of the device to heat up the e-liquid and create vapor, the faster it heats the more vapor that will pour out from the device at once, creating a larger vapor cloud upon exhale.

We should now be able to discern that if you prefer a strong throat hit over more vapor clouds, go with a smaller device, include tobacco and/or menthol flavors in your e-liquid, and ask your vape tender to give you the highest PG value possible, or more so pretty much to your own personal taste, have fun vaping, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

How Can I Get More Flavor From My E-Juice?

There’s a common question that arises among new and experienced vapers alike: What’s the best way to get the most flavor out of e-liquids? Sometimes new vapers find that they can hardly taste the flavors, or experienced vapers who used to have no problems discover that they cannot taste the flavors as much or at all. Whether it’s from vaper’s tongue, e-juice issues, or equipment problems, there are a combination of factors to consider when attempting to get the more flavor while vaping.

The first thing to consider when it comes to flavor. Often times when someone’s not getting enough flavor from their liquid, they’re not letting it steep long enough, which’s just letting it spend time in a cool, dark place. Steeping will let the flavor settle and can substantially improve the flavor. When purchasing a new bottle, it’s a good idea to let it steep for a few days before using it. Depending on the flavor or brand, the times can be different. Another thing to consider when choosing an e-juice is the ratio of PG and VG. The majority of e-juices are a blend of the two, and a higher ratio of PG will provide more flavor when vaping. It’s best to start at a 50/50 ratio, but experimenting is necessary to find what works best.

Equipment Considerations
The wick material being used plays a role in the quality of flavor. A long favorite, especially for those who make their own atomizers and clearomizers, is organic cotton. Silica wicks that are common in tanks that’re already built don’t provide as much flavor. What the tank is made of can also be a factor in flavor quality. Most vapers would agree that glass tanks are better for the best flavor, while plastic tanks can slightly reduce the quality. Also, using a dual coil setup instead of a single coil can improve the quality of flavor. When more e-liquid is able to make contact with the coils, it produces a greater amount of vapor. The more vapor that is produced, the more flavor it tends to give.

Understanding Vaper’s Tongue
This is especially among seasoned vapors, and it’s often caused by overuse of the same flavor. It’s natural to want to vape the same flavor once a favorite is found, but over the course of time it desensitizes an individual’s ability to taste the flavor. To overcome this, either start vaping a new flavor or get a stronger form of the same flavor. Dehydration is also a common cause of Vaper’s Tongue. When dehydrated, a person’s taste buds are not going to be working properly, and it causes a coating to build up over the tongue that dulls its ability to work effectively. To ensure the tongue is always prepared for flavor, stay hydrated.
There’s no need to worry if the flavors don’t seem to be strong enough. The quality of flavors and getting the most out of vaping is a learning process. No matter what the reason, with some time and small adjustments following these tips, both new and experienced vapers can look forward to getting the best quality flavor while vaping every time.

Vapor Isn’t Smoke – Stop Confusing The Two!



The price tag on a pack of cigarettes has caused a tremendous change in the smoker’s market. Many former smokers have turned to vaping for two main reasons. The first is the inability to keep up with the high price of smoking and because previous efforts to quit cigarette smoking have failed. It can be quite a task to explain to people that vapor and smoke are not the same thing. For the record, they’re nowhere close in comparison.

An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a the e-liquid used to vape it. When a person takes a hit from their electronic cigarette, the e-liquid inside turns to vapor. When the vapor is released, it resembles smoke from tobacco products. There are many differences between the two though.


Tobacco smoke leaves clothing, breath and hands smelling rancid. The odor becomes stronger if it gets wet. If the e-cigarette is flavored, it may leave a momentary aroma, but it does not linger in the air like sweaty feet in a locker room. E-cigarettes do not yellow windows, mirrors or fingernails. The vapor from these devices disappears within moments after releasing it from the lungs. Tobacco cigarette smoke can last several minutes to hours after exhaling.


Keep these points in mind the next time you confuse vapor with smoke in order to have a more informed conversation about the subject.

Different Types of Throat Hits


When it comes to vaping, people tend to be pretty particular about their e-juice and the throat hit that they get while vaping. Those who’ve recently quit smoking may tend to want more of a throat hit than those who just want to vape for flavor and not for quitting cigarettes. Menthol smokers may want a menthol throat hit, and non-menthol smokers may want more of a tobacco flavor and throat hit.

At first, when individuals quit smoking cigarettes, they may want to get as close as possible to what they had in the cigarettes they smoked and flavor may be unimportant at this beginning level of vaping. Soon, they find themselves starting to like flavors that have menthol in them. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to settle, you can simply mix a menthol or tobacco flavor with something that you really enjoy in order to enjoy the flavor and also get the throat hit. People who’ve quit smoking in the past and are trying not to go back to it may start vaping; these individuals may want a stronger throat hit or they may want a milder throat hit.

Some individuals, particularly those who just vape for flavor without nicotine, don’t like strong throat hits at all. They prefer a very mild to no throat hit and just want to have full flavor. People typically need to find a balance and experiment to figure out what is right for them. Play around with your e-liquids to find your perfect balance between throat hit and flavor especially if you are a previous smoker. Vaping is a better alternative to smoking, and for whatever type of throat hit you’re looking for there is a setup and juice for you.

What Happens If Your E-Liquid Changes Color?


Color change in e-liquids is a natural process that is affected by a variety of factors. All e-liquids are susceptible to color change, however it affects some liquids more than others.

The major cause of e-liquid color change is oxidation. Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction which occurs as a result of exposure to oxygen in the air. Many e-liquids contain nicotine, which is very reactive. This is especially true when exposed to air, light, or heat, in which case they tend to turn darker. To help prevent this, e-liquids should be stored in dark, cool places. The rate in which oxidation occurs also depends on the type of vaping device being used. Clearomizers, in particular, can increase the speed of oxidation due to the high amounts of heat that they produce.

Another reason for color change in e-liquids is their ingredients. Color change is likely to be observed in e-liquids with a vegetable glycerin (VG) base because they tend to be dense and sweet, meaning that they caramelize when exposed to a lot of heat. This build-up in the coils may cause color change when the tank’s refilled. Color change may also be as a result of the flavor used. Some flavors are more prone to color change than others. You’ll find that sweet flavored e-liquids change color faster than the less sweet e-liquids.

Age also a factor in color change. An older bottle of e-liquid will likely be a different color than a fresh bottle of the same flavor. That doesn’t mean, however, that the liquid has gone off or is no longer vapeable. E-liquids have a pretty long shelf-life if stored properly, so the liquid is still more than likely good to go. It may even be better with the extra steep on it. 😀


Tips for Avoiding Vapor Flavor Exhaustion

Vapor flavor exhaustion is commonly known as the vaper fatigue among the vaping community. If you are into vaping, you might have experienced this. Flavor exhaustion is increasingly high in individuals who used to smoke before. This is because smoking dulls the taste buds. The condition is mostly caused by lack of switching to different varieties of flavors. Also, you may experience it if you’re having a cold or if your mouth is constantly dehydrated. Luckily, there are various ways of avoiding flavor exhaustion.

Basic Guide and Tips for Preventing Vaper Fatigue

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons why people easily get flavor exhaustion. You therefore to need to make sure that you take lots of water, especially if you recently stopped smoking.

When having a cold, flavors may not easily be tasted. You might therefore want to consider stronger flavors like mint and menthol. This will help fire up those taste buds and bring back your sense of taste.

Vaping the same flavors continuously could be a reason for flavor exhaustion. You should therefore make sure that you switch between varieties of flavors. This will not only prevent vaper fatigue, but, it will also give you a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Sometimes vapor flavor exhaustion may be due to a build-up of the film caused by dehydration. This film may prevent the flavor from reaching the taste buds. To avoid this, make sure you always brush. This will help get rid of the build-up. Smelling in coffee may also help with this condition. The coffee inhale shocks the olfactory sensors that may have gone dull and forces them to reset. Also ensure that the e-juice flavor you purchase are well steeped or at least wait for them to steep before vaping on them. Sometimes the problem may not be with your taste buds. It may just be that the flavor isn’t mature.


It’s important to note that the base of your flavor may also contribute to flavor fatigue. Propylene Glycol is what enhances the flavor while the vegetable glycerin moistens it. Therefore, switching to flavors with a higher PG percentage may help with the fatigue. Also, make sure that your atomizer is never dry. This may be responsible for the burnt taste of flavors. Lastly, make sure that your flavors are stored in a cool and dark place.

The World of E-Flavor Blending

Versatility. Something that regular cigarettes just can’t offer. In addition to being incredibly harmful to you, they don’t offer the staggering number of flavors that vaping has to offer. When you take into account how much cheaper vaping is, there really is no contest. I know several people who have quit smoking because of the wide range of options that are available with e-liquids. It’s not just about boring old tobacco flavor anymore, there’s a whole new frontier of flavor out there.

By mixing e-liquids, you can create any flavor you desire. There’s no limit to the amount of combinations you can create. New flavors are coming out constantly, making it a growing universe of selections at your disposal. Looking for a safe crossover to the vaping world? Try a tobacco alternative with a touch of pine. Got a sweet tooth like me? Try mixing cola and peppermint. Want something a bit more tropical? Try pineapple and mango together. There’s even energy drink flavors available, which actually do give you a caffeinated kick. Combine that with a nicotine tobacco kick and you’ve enough stimulus to get you over a hangover. There’s a flavor combo for any situation.

As for mixing the perfect blend, that all depends on which flavor you want to be more dominant. For most mixes I prefer a 60-40, with the 60 being my favorite of the two for the mix. My suggestion’s to try the blends out by themselves first just to see how they affect you. Depending on the effect, use that as a gauge when creating your desired flavor.

The great thing about mixing is it’s rather inexpensive to amass a big enough collection to create several unique blends. When you can buy five decent quality 30 ml bottles from our website, it’s fairly easy to get a big enough collection going to start vaping the flavor you always wanted to try. I don’t feel bad about smoking all day, as it’s only vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Save your lungs, try some new flavors.

Avoiding E-Liquid Mishaps

eliquid mishap

Picking up a vaporizer and getting e-liquid all over your hands is a very unpleasant experience for anyone.

One way to avoid leakage is to always have the device standing upright. Do not lay the vaporizer on its side when not in use and try to avoid having it on its side or upside down in pockets, purses, or backpacks. Another mistake that people tend to make is overfilling the tank with e-liquid or over-saturating the wick in the atomizer. If the wick in the atomizer is too damp, it could have the tendency to shoot liquid out of the tip and into the user’s mouth when heated the same way olive oil in a hot frying pan would do.

The best way to avoid these issues is to use less liquid and bring on more e-juice only when needed later on. Another common factor of leakage is that the tank, atomizer, or other parts of the device aren’t on tight enough. Always make sure that everything is screwed on and secured snugly to avoid leakage. Another common issue can also be an e-liquid leak if the O-ring on a tank is damaged or broken, causing the airtight seal around the tank to fail. O-rings are easy to replace and can be found either online or at a local vape shop. Instructional videos can be found on the internet when it comes to locating and replacing O-rings.


There are times when vaporizer leakage occurs is because of poor manufacturing of the product. Not all devices and there parts are made the same way, so if you can’t identify the cause of leaking, it’d be wise to do a product review online and see if there are similar complaints from other customers. If the manufacturer has too many complaints, then it might be time to consider looking for a different device or part produced by a better company.


Overall, research and knowledge are the keys to avoiding or dealing with e-liquid mishaps.

Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From NICOTICKET

Fall Colors

Fall is the time for warm jackets, bonfires, gold and red falling leaves, and of course, delicious treats. Without adding on unwanted pounds while devouring a sweet Fall treat, we carry delicious e-juice flavors that’re sure to satisfy the taste buds of each vaper. With that said, here are our Top 3 Fall E-Liquids that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #3: Wakonda: Coming in 3rd on this list is a flavor that screams Fall, Wakonda. This vanilla that’s mixed with the flavor profile of a fine, dark roasted coffee, and then hit with a smooth tobacco flavor is sure to please the taste buds with every hit when you vape.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #2 (Tie): Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish and The Doodle: Nothing smells more like Fall that the spicy, sweet smell of cinnamon and we have two e-liquid flavors that fit the bill. Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish is almost sinful as the taste is spot on. Just like how grandma use to make them in the kitchen during the Fall, you can now enjoy this flavor in an e-liquid bottle. The Doodle is another fresh cinnamon treat in an e-liquid flavor that represents the classic taste of a freshly baked snicker doodle cookie. These two e-liquids can be added to your Fall favorites to be enjoyed at any time of the day, without adding on extra weight, too.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #1: Band Camp: Coming in at #1, and this might be a bit of a shocker, is the Fall taste sensation of apple. We hit the mark with this flavor profile for this awesome creation of a fantastic flavor combo called ‘Band Camp’. This rich e-liquid has all of the sweet flavors of a freshly baked apple pie without any calories. Just the smell of the sweet vaping aroma from this type of e-liquid brings on the images of falling leaves and the crisp air of Fall as the temperature outside starts to get cooler.


Spooky ghosts and ghoulish pumpkin faces are not the only Fall treasures that people imagine with this season. There are many treats and goodies that are reserved for fall and we tend to capture them all with our skillfully crafted e-liquid flavor combinations.

E-liquids: You Don’t Know Unless You Try


Some people struggle when it comes to trying new things. This could be any product that may make you feel a bit out of your comfort zone. This is how some people feel about e-liquids. I think the worst thing that happens is that you don’t enjoy the product but you’d never know that without trying it in the first place. I think that you’d really enjoy the product. It’s easy to use and doesn’t possess any risks (as long as you use it properly), so you don’t have to worry about that, if you just want to try it. I think you should just try it with an open mind and enjoy the experience.

Speaking of that, it’s important to try things with an open mind and not with an immediate denial of the products success for you. You should want to try something new and if you do that with e-liquids, you may find your next favorite product.

E-liquids have been recognized around the country, around the world, and within every generation. Trying something new here could benefit you, it doesn’t mean it will for sure, but it could. Going in with an open-mind allows you to be un-bias and try out the product fully without doubting it before you’ve tried it. If you go in judging the product initially, you might miss out on something that could again benefit you in the long run. You may miss out on the entire product itself. So, do yourself a favor and just try it. You definitely won’t regret taking a chance on this product.