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Finding The Right Throat Hit

To find just the right throat hit from your vaping device, be it an e-cigarette or MOD for instances, there are a few factors to consider that wouldn’t ordinarily cross the mind of those that’re brand new to vaping and the products that’re available.

  • E-Liquid flavor
  • PG/VG Ratio
  • Type of Device and Strength of Atomizer/Battery

E-liquid Flavor 
Keep in mind that this is a critical decision when selecting an e-liquid flavor that is tolerable to your palette and nose. 
When mixing custom e-liquids in lieu of choosing favored pre-fabricated blends, keep in mind these “ideal flavors” will taste when inhaled as they would if they were left to burn on a barbecue, so flavors like Cherry and Peach, which sounds delightful, will taste like burnt Cherries and Peaches (very gross!), so think more on the camp of blending tobacco and fruits or desserts, or menthol blended with fruit or desserts for the most tolerable tastes.

PG/VG Ratio
This has a simplistic yet gradual equation
Nevermind what they stand for but the higher the PG percentage next to the VG percentage (ie. 70%/30%) the stronger the throat hit will be, the closer to 50%/50% the higher the vapor output will be and the lesser the throat hit will be. So for stronger throat hit on any e-liquid blend, choose the higher PG value.
Type of Device and the output strength in wattage of the battery and atomizers inserted
Vaporizers are a finicky creature 
Most vapes are gonna give you a lot of throat hit which is not dependent on the e-liquid, PG value, or battery/atomizer output, basically the size of the vaporizer at the base is bigger for a higher wattage output and this higher wattage output charges and heats the cotton coil atomizer inserted at the neck of the device to heat up the e-liquid and create vapor, the faster it heats the more vapor that will pour out from the device at once, creating a larger vapor cloud upon exhale.

We should now be able to discern that if you prefer a strong throat hit over more vapor clouds, go with a smaller device, include tobacco and/or menthol flavors in your e-liquid, and ask your vape tender to give you the highest PG value possible, or more so pretty much to your own personal taste, have fun vaping, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

What Strength of E-Liquid Should I Purchase?

For new and experienced vapers alike, choosing the right e-liquid that vapes smoothly, produces enough vapor, doesn’t gag them, and tastes delicious and refreshing takes some serious trial and error. These effects comprehensively combined are known as the e-liquid strength, This brief guide is here to assist you, the vaper, in making the right purchases the first time around so you get the most vape for your buck.

To start, a factor of the strength is the flavor of the e-liquid, Some flavors do not go together well, or as well as we might think, it is safe to assume that perhaps custom blending blueberry, whipped cream, and pie crust together would produce something that tastes as heavenly as blueberry cream pie, and this is true, it does. It is not safe to assume that blending cherry and melon together would become a fruitful heavenly delight, something like this would taste more like obnoxious lotion in your nose and mouth.

The amount of vapor to be inhaled and then exhaled into the air has quite a lot to do with the size of your device, bigger does make far more vapor, smaller does not, so if you want to be blowing huge clouds into the air you will want to purchase a MOD, which’s the largest sized vaping device.

Now we come to nicotine levels and PG/VG levels (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin), experience and testing reveals that the higher the nicotine level the more stringent and numbing the pull will affect your mouth, nose and lungs, and the nicotine levels of the e-liquid vial (usually 15 to 30 ml) can be modified from21mg (Regular Strength) all the way down to nicotine free e-liquid (aka. Vape Juice). If you’re attempting to quit smoking full flavor cigarettes, it’s suggested to start with 21mg and ween your way down to 0mg, then you are simply vaping in social situations, etc…


Finally, we come to The PG/VG percentage values which are rather simple to understand how they affect the strength of the vape juice, in the case of 70% PG / 30% VG this will give the strongest throat hit but produce less vapor, the closer these values are to even (50/50), the smoother the pull will be, and denser the cloud will be, altering the character in strength of inhalation or pull.


So always remember the aforementioned factors in choosing the right e-liquid for your vaping preferences every time you shop for more:
• Don’t make your custom blends too sweet or too fruity
• A MOD is strongest, but an E-cigarette is the lightest
• Ask us for the best tasting and most popular featured house blends
• The higher the milligrams of nicotine, the more like a regular strength cigarette
• The higher the PG percentage adds to more throat hit, but when PG/VG are closer to 50/50, adds to the cloud effect

How Can I Get More Flavor From My E-Juice?

There’s a common question that arises among new and experienced vapers alike: What’s the best way to get the most flavor out of e-liquids? Sometimes new vapers find that they can hardly taste the flavors, or experienced vapers who used to have no problems discover that they cannot taste the flavors as much or at all. Whether it’s from vaper’s tongue, e-juice issues, or equipment problems, there are a combination of factors to consider when attempting to get the more flavor while vaping.

The first thing to consider when it comes to flavor. Often times when someone’s not getting enough flavor from their liquid, they’re not letting it steep long enough, which’s just letting it spend time in a cool, dark place. Steeping will let the flavor settle and can substantially improve the flavor. When purchasing a new bottle, it’s a good idea to let it steep for a few days before using it. Depending on the flavor or brand, the times can be different. Another thing to consider when choosing an e-juice is the ratio of PG and VG. The majority of e-juices are a blend of the two, and a higher ratio of PG will provide more flavor when vaping. It’s best to start at a 50/50 ratio, but experimenting is necessary to find what works best.

Equipment Considerations
The wick material being used plays a role in the quality of flavor. A long favorite, especially for those who make their own atomizers and clearomizers, is organic cotton. Silica wicks that are common in tanks that’re already built don’t provide as much flavor. What the tank is made of can also be a factor in flavor quality. Most vapers would agree that glass tanks are better for the best flavor, while plastic tanks can slightly reduce the quality. Also, using a dual coil setup instead of a single coil can improve the quality of flavor. When more e-liquid is able to make contact with the coils, it produces a greater amount of vapor. The more vapor that is produced, the more flavor it tends to give.

Understanding Vaper’s Tongue
This is especially among seasoned vapors, and it’s often caused by overuse of the same flavor. It’s natural to want to vape the same flavor once a favorite is found, but over the course of time it desensitizes an individual’s ability to taste the flavor. To overcome this, either start vaping a new flavor or get a stronger form of the same flavor. Dehydration is also a common cause of Vaper’s Tongue. When dehydrated, a person’s taste buds are not going to be working properly, and it causes a coating to build up over the tongue that dulls its ability to work effectively. To ensure the tongue is always prepared for flavor, stay hydrated.
There’s no need to worry if the flavors don’t seem to be strong enough. The quality of flavors and getting the most out of vaping is a learning process. No matter what the reason, with some time and small adjustments following these tips, both new and experienced vapers can look forward to getting the best quality flavor while vaping every time.

The World of E-Flavor Blending

Versatility. Something that regular cigarettes just can’t offer. In addition to being incredibly harmful to you, they don’t offer the staggering number of flavors that vaping has to offer. When you take into account how much cheaper vaping is, there really is no contest. I know several people who have quit smoking because of the wide range of options that are available with e-liquids. It’s not just about boring old tobacco flavor anymore, there’s a whole new frontier of flavor out there.

By mixing e-liquids, you can create any flavor you desire. There’s no limit to the amount of combinations you can create. New flavors are coming out constantly, making it a growing universe of selections at your disposal. Looking for a safe crossover to the vaping world? Try a tobacco alternative with a touch of pine. Got a sweet tooth like me? Try mixing cola and peppermint. Want something a bit more tropical? Try pineapple and mango together. There’s even energy drink flavors available, which actually do give you a caffeinated kick. Combine that with a nicotine tobacco kick and you’ve enough stimulus to get you over a hangover. There’s a flavor combo for any situation.

As for mixing the perfect blend, that all depends on which flavor you want to be more dominant. For most mixes I prefer a 60-40, with the 60 being my favorite of the two for the mix. My suggestion’s to try the blends out by themselves first just to see how they affect you. Depending on the effect, use that as a gauge when creating your desired flavor.

The great thing about mixing is it’s rather inexpensive to amass a big enough collection to create several unique blends. When you can buy five decent quality 30 ml bottles from our website, it’s fairly easy to get a big enough collection going to start vaping the flavor you always wanted to try. I don’t feel bad about smoking all day, as it’s only vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Save your lungs, try some new flavors.

Debunking the Myth: “MAXVG” should not be synonymous with the words “quality” and “premium” when it comes to eJuice!

So, short story… here lately, one of the most frequent statements I hear from vapers is “I only vape MAXVG.”  Being the inquisitive type, I like to ask – WHY?  Ironically enough, too few vapers understand that there are both benefits and drawbacks to high VG liquid.  To be fair, there are benefits – but I intend to save them for another blog post.  Here are some little known drawbacks that you may not have taken into consideration…


Why is MAXVG “finished liquid” more expensive when VG (the raw component) is *less expensive* for manufacturers to purchase as compared to PG?  Interesting fact – A 55 gallon drum of VG costs 20% less than a drum of PG,  It costs less for vendors to make, but vendors charge more for it as a “premium option?”  Doesn’t that seem, strange?


Liquid containing MAXVG requires (on average) 30-40% more flavoring by volume to produce the same flavor intensity as a balanced 50/50 blend. The incremental increase in flavoring is widely known to have a dramatic NEGATIVE impact on the integrity and useful life of a coil. When the increased amount of flavoring is paired with additional VG (VG doesn’t burn as clean as PG)… a stock coil user can expect their coil to last half as long as a well balanced 50/50 blend. Probably no big deal for a hardcore vaping enthusiast that builds a Macro Nano Triceratops coil every day, but for those vapers that are anything less than enthusiasts… this is a big deal.



The increase of VG from 50% to 80% can increase the steep time of your liquid by as much as 3-5x. Accepting all of those drawbacks listed above, for negligible increases in vapor production, doesn’t seem like a good trade off to me?  I really see no reason for MAXVG unless I am in a cloud competition –  and if I was in a cloud comp, I would use 100% unflavored VG (given the option).

Why load a HIGH VG “Competition” eJuice/eLiquid all day, every day?

I confess, I just don’t get it.  I have no burning desire to sub-ohm all day.  I work in the industry and I see MAYBE a dozen cloud competitions a year (and they usually provide the juice!).  Extreme sub-ohm builds burn through liquid – and they burn through MAXVG liquid faster than they burn through liquid that contains higher PG.  For anyone who is cost conscious, a “balanced” liquid that provides good to adequate vapor production, but also burns clean and tastes good – makes more sense.


PG intolerance or PG allergies.  I get it, I really do – and this article is not really intended for you.  BUT – before you dismiss all liquid containing PG, I ask you to consider these questions

Who diagnosed the PG intolerance/allergy? A vaper? A vape-shop owner? Did you diagnose yourself?  I would *very much encourage* vapers who suspect they have a PG allergy to visit a doctor and get tested – don’t just assume.  Read below as to why…

How many trials were conducted?  Was this conclusion based on a single bottle of high(er) PG liquid – or – high(er) PG liquid from a single vendor?  Again, read on to see why this is relevant…

There is a very wide variance in the quality of PG from vendor to vendor. In my experience – most of the people whom have come to me saying “I’m allergic to PG” aren’t allergic to PG at all… most of them are allergic to CHEAP PG.  For example – I can pay as little as $12 for a gallon of PG, or I can pay as much as $50. What’s the difference between the two, besides the price? Glad you asked!  Having taken the opportunity to trace the chain of custody of several brands of PG back to the source, I can say with certainty that there are very wide variances in production process, ingredients, and quality control.  Quality ingredients make the difference.


What do you think?  Thoughts on PG/VG ratio?  I’d love to hear your comments!!!