Coil Building 101

There are various reasons why vapers decide to build their own coils. You could be looking to begin using a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) in order to experience explosions of flavor and clouds that most vapers rave about. Dealing with stock coils that have a poor quality control and are expensive to buy could be another reason. Coil building is cheaper and they perform way better than those of your mates. No matter the reason you have for making the coils, the exercise is always fun, exciting and will improve your vaping experience in total. Below is a guide on how to make the coils easily.

What Do You Need? As a beginner, you should go for an RDA that is beginner-friendly to avoid unnecessary frustration. Ensure that it has adequate space to place your coils and has some quality screws too. You will also require some wire; the most commonly used is the Kanthal wire (26 or 28 gauge). Next you’ll need some wicking material. The most preferred is the organic Japanese cotton sheets like the Shiseido, Muji and Koh Gen Do. You should ensure that the cotton is unbleached and organic as most of those found in shops are bleached. Bleached cotton can be boiled to sanitize it but buying unbleached makes the work easier. You’ll also need tools like micro screwdrivers, scissors, an ohm meter, and wire clippers.

Making the Coils: If you were for example to use a 26 gauge Kanthal wire, 2 mm screwdriver to achieve a .6 ohm in your atomizer then below are the steps to follow. You’ll need 6 wraps of your wire. Ensure you hold it firmly and make sure the wraps are as close to each other as possible. Once through with the 6 wraps, place the two loose ends into the atomizer’s post holes and make sure you connect the positive to the negative to ensure a complete circuit. Tighten the screws carefully and then test whether it is heating inside out perfectly by strumming across the coils using your screwdriver. Once this is complete, you can then proceed to wick it and start enjoying. The cotton strip used ought to be almost equal to the coil’s diameter.

As you build the coil you’ll learn more. You can start with the single coil before moving to the dual coils that produce more vapor. Trial and error will help you get your most preferred vaping experience. It’ll in turn save you a couple of bucks in the end.

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