Debunking the Myth: “MAXVG” should not be synonymous with the words “quality” and “premium” when it comes to eJuice!

So, short story… here lately, one of the most frequent statements I hear from vapers is “I only vape MAXVG.”  Being the inquisitive type, I like to ask – WHY?  Ironically enough, too few vapers understand that there are both benefits and drawbacks to high VG liquid.  To be fair, there are benefits – but I intend to save them for another blog post.  Here are some little known drawbacks that you may not have taken into consideration…


Why is MAXVG “finished liquid” more expensive when VG (the raw component) is *less expensive* for manufacturers to purchase as compared to PG?  Interesting fact – A 55 gallon drum of VG costs 20% less than a drum of PG,  It costs less for vendors to make, but vendors charge more for it as a “premium option?”  Doesn’t that seem, strange?


Liquid containing MAXVG requires (on average) 30-40% more flavoring by volume to produce the same flavor intensity as a balanced 50/50 blend. The incremental increase in flavoring is widely known to have a dramatic NEGATIVE impact on the integrity and useful life of a coil. When the increased amount of flavoring is paired with additional VG (VG doesn’t burn as clean as PG)… a stock coil user can expect their coil to last half as long as a well balanced 50/50 blend. Probably no big deal for a hardcore vaping enthusiast that builds a Macro Nano Triceratops coil every day, but for those vapers that are anything less than enthusiasts… this is a big deal.



The increase of VG from 50% to 80% can increase the steep time of your liquid by as much as 3-5x. Accepting all of those drawbacks listed above, for negligible increases in vapor production, doesn’t seem like a good trade off to me?  I really see no reason for MAXVG unless I am in a cloud competition –  and if I was in a cloud comp, I would use 100% unflavored VG (given the option).

Why load a HIGH VG “Competition” eJuice/eLiquid all day, every day?

I confess, I just don’t get it.  I have no burning desire to sub-ohm all day.  I work in the industry and I see MAYBE a dozen cloud competitions a year (and they usually provide the juice!).  Extreme sub-ohm builds burn through liquid – and they burn through MAXVG liquid faster than they burn through liquid that contains higher PG.  For anyone who is cost conscious, a “balanced” liquid that provides good to adequate vapor production, but also burns clean and tastes good – makes more sense.


PG intolerance or PG allergies.  I get it, I really do – and this article is not really intended for you.  BUT – before you dismiss all liquid containing PG, I ask you to consider these questions

Who diagnosed the PG intolerance/allergy? A vaper? A vape-shop owner? Did you diagnose yourself?  I would *very much encourage* vapers who suspect they have a PG allergy to visit a doctor and get tested – don’t just assume.  Read below as to why…

How many trials were conducted?  Was this conclusion based on a single bottle of high(er) PG liquid – or – high(er) PG liquid from a single vendor?  Again, read on to see why this is relevant…

There is a very wide variance in the quality of PG from vendor to vendor. In my experience – most of the people whom have come to me saying “I’m allergic to PG” aren’t allergic to PG at all… most of them are allergic to CHEAP PG.  For example – I can pay as little as $12 for a gallon of PG, or I can pay as much as $50. What’s the difference between the two, besides the price? Glad you asked!  Having taken the opportunity to trace the chain of custody of several brands of PG back to the source, I can say with certainty that there are very wide variances in production process, ingredients, and quality control.  Quality ingredients make the difference.


What do you think?  Thoughts on PG/VG ratio?  I’d love to hear your comments!!!

6 thoughts on “Debunking the Myth: “MAXVG” should not be synonymous with the words “quality” and “premium” when it comes to eJuice!

  1. Drew Parker

    Interesting, I do vape high VG based juice including 100% VG unflavored. I’m not cloud chaser my coils are typically 1.2 ohms. I found I just prefer the flavor of VG over PG. Maybe I’ll search for high quality PG and see if it makes a difference. Would also love to read the pro side of VG.

  2. James

    50/50 is generally what I want, I don’t see the reason of running high VG, less flavor and a tendency to high cost really turns me off, plus all the coil gunking. I’d go high PG to be honest, except PG hurts my throat when it’s much more the 65%. End of story. I also try to get as much flavor for the least liquid used possible. So I don’t see the point in shooting huge clouds.

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  4. M4rtin

    Very interesting Kent! I am glad you posted this because I felt like the procedure for vaping was to step down in nic and increase the vg over pg ratio. I prefer to have a well balanced juice, good coil life and not have skin or health problems.

    I feel better knowing that vaping 50/50 at a 12 nic level is not absurd. I really used vaping as a transference from smoking. What I mean by that statement is that I saw vaping as an opportunity to switch to something else that might be a better aletrnative for me, but still allowed me to have some of the pleasures of smoking, well I should say the act of smoking to a degree. I really enjoyed smoking, except for the staining on the teeth, the smell on my clothes, the ashes, the cost ($85 per carton a week), coughing and the sinus infections in the winter.

    Also very relieved to have found Nicoticket, because was not pleased with the juices that I had sampled before finding you guys on ECF.

  5. graham

    i dont like the feeling of pg in my lungs because it is harsh. I also like to see a lot of vapour as it helps trick my mind into thinking i must be smoking. VG feels nicer in my lungs, it’s denser and feels more like a nice smoke than PG. That is why I vape 100% VG.


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