Different Vaping Expressions

Everyone who vapes has their own style. It’s so distinctive that people can see it from a mile away when the vaper starts vaping for the first time, and it would be just as distinctive on screen if the vaper were an actor on TV or the movies. Cigarettes used to have their own style that viewers would recognize, and you need to have your own vaping style so that you can look cool instead of ending up on a blog of terrible vaping expressions.

You probably have no idea what you look like when you’re vaping, but you need to get a good idea when you’re vaping for the first time. Standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom to see what it looks like when you’re doing it so that you do not look foolish is a good move. You’re probably doing something with your lips or your mouth that may not be too appealing.

You’ve to be as cool as possible when you get started vaping. Think about what it’d have been like to smoke (but in your case vape) with someone like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra. That’s what you’re going for. Those are the coolest guys in the whole world, or you can imagine sitting court-side at an early Lakers game with Jack Nicholson when he was a young dude. That kind of cool is what you need to see what you look like in the mirror with your e-cigarette or vape pen.

Your vaping expressions are going to say a lot about you. People are going to notice how you vape, and they’re going to make instant judgments about you. You need to give them a reason to think you’re cool, and you need to give them a reason to think that you’re worth talking to.

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