Displaying Patience When Making the Switch

When you’re a smoker and you chose to lay down tobacco-filled cigarettes and take up the concept of vaping, patience needs to be displayed. If you’ve smoked for many years, the tobacco has ingrained itself into your lifestyle, as it has a very addictive nature. There’s the physical factor of the nicotine, and over 4,000 other chemicals that your body has come to rely on as a fuel, motivator, and mood altering drug. The social addiction of tobacco has become a social event in your life. Smoking is just plain sociable. Many people find that smoking has its triggers. Triggers are events that cause an individual to have a cigarette. These triggers can be after a meal, during a work break, after sex; the possibilities are endless. These triggers are very enjoyable and relaxing. Like all habits, it takes time to break them. Patience is a growth process. You’ll need to take time to accustom yourself to vaping.

Vaping as an alternative to smoking is a better choice. The carcinogens and poisons that cigarettes give your body is almost non-existent in vaping. So, the idea of vaping is a no brainier. The transition however, is a thing that most often causes a vape user to give up the idea.

Remember when you first started smoking and a certain brand of cigarettes were your favorite? Remember that when you ran out of your cigarettes, and someone offered you one of their cigarettes, and it wasn’t your brand? Do you remember that their brand tasted like garbage? Do you remember that you really didn’t find the same pleasure as you did smoking your brand? The same is true with vaping and starting out. Vaping takes a combination of equipment and patience to get it into your lifestyle. Being patient will produce results in your vaping experience.

Speaking of equipment, this is key when it comes to having a great vaping experience. The proper equipment should be purchased from a place that knows its products. Trying before you buy is also another good idea. There are many styles, colors and most importantly, quality products out there. Tanks that hold the e-juice is a very important choice. Tanks that’re glass and utilize dual coils are the new generation of vaping equipment. A battery that’s variable in voltage is highly recommended because it tailors the experience to the user’s taste. A throat hit is usually the desired effect of a good quality unit. It replicates the same hit as a cigarette. The variable voltage on the battery helps to concentrate or lessen the vapor. Choosing the right e-juice is one of the most important factors to get your body used to vaping. There are thousands of flavors and nicotine dosages can be custom mixed to make your vaping taste like you old brand of cigarettes. There are nicotine free e-juices as well


These factors all weigh upon the experience of vaping. Finding your niche, and your zone, is a trial and error factor. Patience and an open mind to trying new flavors can help you transition properly. Vaping isn’t just a new fad, it’s a lifestyle.

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