Disposables or Starter Kits – Which Do You Enter The World of Vaping First?

Starting out vaping can be overwhelming with the multitude of choices available. The options range from disposable e-cigs all the way up to building your own atomizer tanks and coils, and this can make it difficult to decide which one to start with. Many people tend to start with disposable e-cigs since they’re readily available at most gas stations. In doing so, they lose out on truly experiencing vaping to its fullest. The best purchase to start with is a starter kit, both for long term cost effectiveness and variety.

Disposables can typically be purchased individually and in packs ranging from two to six disposable e-cigs, and is everything you need to start. The average price for a decent disposable is $8 each, and they are advertised as the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. They’re typically single use and many are designed to look and feel similar to a cigarette. While this look may be appealing for those that are switching from cigarettes to vaping, disposables don’t provide a large variety of flavors or nicotine levels. The average disposable offers only a few flavors, averaging between three to six choices, and very little customization on nicotine levels. The nicotine level isn’t adjustable, and in many cases the manufacturers only offer one level of nicotine for their disposables. Finally, once you use up the battery it goes in the trash, adding to the waste we already have from our typical daily lives.

Starter kits come with one to two tanks, a battery, and a charger. This is almost everything you need to start off, and sometimes you can even find one that will provide you with a small bottle of e-liquid that’s sometimes at a discount or included in the kit price. The average starter kit on the low-end is around $20, but the best part of the starter kit is its re-usability. Everything that comes in the kit can be used over and over, and very little waste is created from them. Also, after the initial purchase the only item you need to buy is the vape liquids and occasionally additional tanks. As the tank is refillable you also open up your flavor and nicotine level choices. Many vape liquid suppliers offer hundreds of customized flavor and nicotine level choices, so your options are seemingly endless.

Start kits are simply the best way to begin vaping. They give you longevity, variety, and are a significantly lower impact on the environment. While the initial cost is typically higher than a disposable, the long term cost is significantly lower and the experience will most definitely be more enjoyable with a starter kit.

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