Don’t Be Ashamed of Being a Vaping Gamer


Sure, you’re an adamant vaping expert, but what about all the cool vaping games that can be accomplished with high volumes of vapor? Seize the moment during your next date night, movie night, or social event by showing off your neat vaping tricks. Over the last couple of years, vaping has become very popular because of the rich aroma and smooth taste. Now, vapers are having fun with cool new tricks while vaping with their select aroma, taste, and blend. You don’t have to be ashamed of being able to blow a heart through a ring. Indulge with loads of friends that vape to create the ultimate experience.

What Is A Vaping Gamer?

Vaping started as a trend on the West Coast and quickly moved to a competitive sport across the country. MODS have a higher volume of vapor that creates a vapor cloud. Users have used these vapors to entertain and compete by having vaping games, with the vapors from an e-cigarette. Contestants will say the atmosphere is aromatic and relaxing, while competing or just entertaining with some friends.

Popular Vaping Games: Smoke Rings, Funnel Tricks, Vapor Bubble, The French Inhale (Intensified), The Cloud Dragon, Cheerios, and the The Tornado


For example, the French inhale calls for the user to take a high volume pull from your e-cigarette, but it is important not to inhale. Be sure to let the vapor linger in your mouth and push it towards your bottom jaw. Users are advised not to exhale at this point. Let the vapor flow naturally from your mouth and at this point you can inhale. Impress your friends, family, or co-workers with this class move.

You’ll be the center of attention because you can alter the mood with cool vaping tricks that mimic magic. Your cool, why not show it to the rest of the gang?  Vaping gamers are coming from all across the country to show their skills and unique talents.

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