Dual Using is a Bad Idea

Many smokers that begin to turn to vaping as a way to quit are able to turn a complete 180 from smoking many cigarettes a day to only vaping the day they get their first device. Still, there are a large amount of people that end up supplementing their e-juice intake with the occasional (or not-so occasional) cigarette as they try to taper off. And while certainly quitting smoking, even when given another source of nicotine, is difficult and takes time, this state of “dual using” isn’t exactly the best idea for a handful of reasons.

You’re Not Getting the Benefits of Switching
This is the biggest reason, and hopefully the most obvious. Even after starting vaping, if you still smoke all the benefits of vaping are lost, or at least not all there. The obvious is that you’re still smoking tobacco, and putting you more at risk for cancer, but that aside your clothes, breath, and hands still smell like smoke, your sense of smell and taste won’t come back as much, and your breathing won’t become all that much easier.

You’re Spending Twice as Much
While it might not be technically twice as much if you’re using slightly less of two different things, you still are spending a significant amount more on both vaping supplies and packs of smokes, and if you switched to save money, you’re not exactly getting there by dual using.

Opponents of Vaping Point to You
This reason might be a bit controversial depending on whether or not you are an advocate for vaping, but one of the most effective ways that opponents (read Big Tobacco) are shutting down discussions about vaping is just pointing at all the people who vape but still smoke, suggesting that not only does it not help people quit, but is just as bad. Now, that may not bother some people at all, but if you feel passionate about advocating for positive legislature and education about vaping, you might want to consider throwing away the smokes for good.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and some people do really need a dual use period to help transition their habits into something much less harmful, but these reasons should make you think a bit about how short to make that time-frame before you truly are breathing easy.

2 thoughts on “Dual Using is a Bad Idea

  1. William Billy

    I disagree with your assesment that dual usage is a bad idea! This is my experience in my journey to stop smoking. I went to a local vape shop to try out e cigarettes after hearing about it various media outlets. I was starting to have shortness of breath from 40 yesrs of smoking a PAD. They sold me an ego type device and I continued to smoke. I started reasurching e-cigs online. Then I bought a Vamo and better clearomizer while trying different juices, prob 2 months in and cut down on the number of cigarettes. Kept reading and vaping and smoking After a few more months I upgraded my setup again and found a couple of juices that I liked. So now I’m 6 months in and smoking approx 5 or 6 cigarettes a day, which was a big deal to me at the time. Then at around 8 months, I had cut down to one cigatette a day and was finally able to quit! Yee Haw! Everyone is different and I believe that whatever way someone is able to stop smoking is the right way for them. I also believe the dual usage argument used by some politicans or experts is hogwash! It’s s means to an end!


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