FAQ: What is the difference between “Black Label” and “White Label” eLiquid?

You will notice some liquid on the website is designated as being “White Label” – what does that mean, exactly?

Aside from the fact that the labels have a white label instead of a black background – the “White Label” offerings are not available for wholesale – they are only available on the website. We’re not calling them “Short-Runs” anymore because we are going to make a concerted effort to keep them in-stock on the website. We may periodically run out of stock in specific flavors, in specific nicotine levels and/or specific bottle sizes – but – if the liquid is selling well we’ll generally make an effort to get those options back and available when we are able.


Does that mean they are permanent offerings?

Yes and no.  If a liquid sells well, we’ll obviously keep it in stock – if no, we’ll deplete the stock and discontinue the flavor. In the end, white label offerings are limited in the respect that we are NOT guaranteeing they will be available indefinitely… it’s entirely dependent on how well a specific flavor sells.  As a general rule if a specific flavor has graduated to being a “white label” offering it has stood the test of time and is pretty likely to be around indefinitely – but – the crowd is fickle, brother.  Tastes change.  When it comes to white label offerings, we are constantly evaluating them for possible graduation to a black label, OR – discontinuation.  The bottom line is – if you love a specific flavor… support it, buy it, vape it… or, it will go away!…


Does that mean there will be no more short-runs? (SRs)

No – we will continue to do SRs.  Typically these are flavors that have not yet seen the rotation, new offerings, etc.  They have done the paces in terms of internal beta testing on a wide variety of devices, and are suitable quality for sale to the wider public… BUT – they may or may not be revisited (it really depends on feedback).  SRs are like an “Open Beta.”


When is X flavor going to be back?

This is a tough one.  Our regulars have gotten used to an “every Tuesday at 9:30AM CST” release schedule.  Obviously we have gotten away from that – we’ve found every Tuesday to be a bit frenzied.  What we have opted to do instead is release a new white label offering (or short-run) at least *every other Tuesday* at 9:30am CST.  Because there is a sizable list of flavors we intend to revisit, and we are moving to an every other week release schedule – it is going to take 7 months (OR MORE) to release ALL the flavors.  So, patience, young padawan.


How do you determine which flavors you bring back, and when?

We have a running tally of flavor requests that come in from the ECF Forum, in system messages via the website, and customer service requests via email.  We have a good general idea of which flavors are in demand at present, but – we always encourage you to prompt us for a specific flavor so we can do the *another scratch for X flavor” exercise.  At present, the order of releases is heavily weighted on the results of the survey attached to the NT Loyalty/Rewards program… if you have not yet voted for the next release, go vote!


Which flavors are slated for return?

EDT: 12-2-2014 Sure Bert

EDT: 12-2-1014 The Switch (Short-Run ONLY)

Peanut Butter Cookie (PBC v2)
Hummingbird (Cranberry & Lychee in MAXVG)
Raz Cup (Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake)
Doodle (Snickerdoodle Cookie)
NY, NY (Cheesecake)
Band Camp (Apple Pie)
ACB (Smoked Custard with a heavy caramel finish)
Banana Pudding
Butterscotch Pudding
Grape Ape
Strawberry Symphony
Radioactive (Earthy Vanilla Tobacco)


Additional questions?  Feel free to comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them as they come in!

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