Have a flavor suggestion for Nicoticket?

This is the spot!  We take requests and we do listen!  Is there a flavor we’ve done in the past you want to see back?  Is there a flavor combination or a “signature taste” you know has potential but you just haven’t had a really GOOD one?

Nicoticket through circle COLOR

Join the conversation and reply!  This is the OFFICIAL RECORD – if enough people ask for a flavor – we WILL make it!

10 thoughts on “Have a flavor suggestion for Nicoticket?

  1. jennifer

    pistachio. and hazlenut. Not together though, that would lose the pistachioness and the hazlenuttiness Can you imagine those with Clarkiness?

    😀 😀 😀

    Some custardy vanillarey pistachio/hazlenut thanks. With only the flavour Clark can achieve ♥

  2. David McCurry

    Key Lime Pie. There have been a decent one or two but I doubt they could hold a flame to what Nicoticket could do with it.

  3. Samantha

    Wish you did a Lemonade flavour! Could be a straight up Lemonade or Strawberry or any fruity concoction. I am still searching for a really great one.

  4. Rachel Hammer

    Hope Im not too late to add, but I second the Butterscotch pudding -Heavier on the butterscotch with a light pudding-ness 🙂 . I missed the first round since I wasnt vaping yet. Butterscotch e-liquid is what has been keeping me away from the stinkies!!!!!


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