When was my liquid born?

The easiest way to find a “mix date” for your eLiquid is to consult the Born On Date on the bottle!

I am going to defer an in-depth explanation of steeping for another post, but – here are some quick pro-tips.

  1. Consult each individual product page for recommended steeping times and compare the mix date to the current date.
  2. Due to the fact that our liquid is adequately pre-steeped, most people will find most Nicoticket eJuice suitable for vaping “fresh out of the box” (FOOB).
  3. The flavors that incorporate a bakery or tobacco element generally take longer than a fruit vape… 2-4 weeks for fruit… 2-4 MONTHS for a bakery/tobacco vape.
  4. Your mileage may vary… recommendations are just that, recommendations.  Some prefer this eLiquid or that fresh… others prefer the very same eJuice well steeped… and still others have a magical “sweet-spot” somewhere in the life-cycle of each individual eLiquid.
  5. The only steadfast rule is “Never put down a bottle you are enjoying.”  Experiment with it… the most important thing is to enjoy the journey!!

4 thoughts on “When was my liquid born?

  1. JR

    2-4 weeks for fruit? That seems a bit escessive. I’ve made my own strawberry yogurt and it was already tasty after 24 hours. Most fruit recipes I see say steep 0-7 days


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