Moving Up The MOD Chain: Temp Control MODs

Temp control MODs have been a ground breaking advancement in vaping. Several years back when vaping was still starting out, one only had control over what they vaped, that is, the nicotine contents, bases and flavors. Years later, e-cigarettes that enabled the regulation of voltages and watts were introduced. This enabled great control for the vaper. However, none of these advancements equaled what we have now and that’s temperature control. This technology is promising to completely replace traditional smoking.

How Temperature Control MODs Work
They only utilize nickel or titanium wires. This wires basically have no resistance. If the nickel wires were to be used in non-temp control MODs, there would be no way to control the electricity or heat reaching the coils. This would be a safety hazard to the vapers as it’d lead to battery explosions.

However, the use of nickel wires is possible in temperature control MODs. They first sense if the nickel wire’s saturated of the e-liquid. If it senses that the coil is dry, little or no power is directed to the coil. Therefore, the device won’t fire. This is good as it prevents you from encountering a dry hit.

There’ve been great advancements since the first temp control MODs. You don’t have to purchase a regular one but instead, you can purchase one where you regulate the temperature settings for yourself. This increases the control you’ve over your vaping.


Advantages of Temperature Control MODs to Vapers
The advantage of temperature control MODs are that they provide vapers with more control over their vaping experience. Also, it increases their safety. This is because it’s guaranteed that temperatures at the coil will be regulated, hence eliminating chances of the batteries or even the device exploding.

With these MODs, you’re pretty much guaranteed a superior vaping experience. At no one time will you get dry hits, burnt wicks, and burnt flavors. All this is thanks to the ability to control the overheating possibility in the coils.

Investing in temp control MODs are an awesome gift any vaper could award themselves. However, it’s important to note that its use is more technical than the regular starter kits. Therefore, you need to have some experience in vaping before using them.

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