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I’ve resisted the pressure to implement a formal rewards system for quite some time – but – with the recent upgrade of the website, the time is right.  It would suffice to say that I’m really excited out having a rewards program that gives you REAL cash rewards for doing the things many of you already do to support our business.

If you are not yet enrolled in our rewards program, you will see a purple “bar” across the top of the screen prompting you to enroll.  It’s a few simple clicks – really easy and totally free.

After you are enrolled, you will see a new bar across the bottom of your page with links relevant to the program.

I am going to decline to elaborate on FAQs because I think the FAQ integrated into the website does a really good job of explaining how you earn and redeem rewards, however, here are some questions we have experienced thus far.

When does this go into effect?


What about the old rewards program?

Effective tomorrow – 11/26/2014 – we will be discontinuing the informal “free upgrade or 15ml bottle every 3-5 orders” program in favor of this new rewards system!

What about all my previous orders, do I get rewards/chips for those?

The new rewards system is effective for all orders going forward.  We honored the “free upgrade or 15ml bottle every 3-5 orders” on all orders placed previous – but – we are transitioning to a new system.  We can not retroactively award points/chips based on previous purchases.

Can I transfer my chips?

Not at this time.


I hope you enjoy the new rewards program!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment here and I’ll do my best to help!

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