New to Nicototicket by Guest Blogger “grover868” (from ECF)

New To Nicoticket

I quit smoking about 10 months ago with the assistance from vaping.  My sister provided the guidance and support I needed to stop smoking.  She stirred me in the direction of buying a ProVari as my first personal vaporizer.  Being the juice snob she is, she insisted I buy juice from a company in Irvine, CA that has five identical chess pieces in their name.  I enjoyed their juice very much and vaped it exclusively for 8 months or so.

Last month I discovered E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) while playing with Google one evening.  It intrigued me, I later registered and enjoyed reading hundreds of threads and was learning so much about different styles of vaping, peoples opinions on various mods, atty’s, and downright fun they were having.  About this time, ECF released the results of their member’s poll for their favorite e-juice for 2014.  There was a recurring theme throughout all of the categories.  There were 8 categories in all, bakery, fruit, tobacco, etc & best e-juice of the year.  And I keep reading this name “Nicoticket” constantly for 1st place, 2nd place & 3rd place for virtually every single category.  Hmmm…not too many chess pieces were visible.

I figured I should try this “Nicoticket” and bought four 30ml bottles, each flavor won 1st place in its category.  This was a HUGE mistake and will never be repeated.  To this day I am still kicking myself for buying 30ml bottles instead of the 60ml bottles.  The ECF members were dead on correct about Nicoticket being the best juice on the market, hands down.  I don’t know how to say this eloquently, but there is no one close to being the 2nd best juice available.

And in actuality it keeps getting better.  Nicoticket has a special every Monday and gives a 20% discount on a selected flavor.  Combine that with the 7% kick-back in their rewards program, and I am getting the very best juice I have ever had in my life at half the price of that chess piece company.

Come join us in the Nicoticket thread on ECF, and I have a feeling you will feel very comfortable and begin to partake in the playful shenanigans that occur everyday.  :))


One thought on “New to Nicototicket by Guest Blogger “grover868” (from ECF)

  1. Glowplug

    Well said!! Nicoticket was the first juice that tasted like anything to me. I found them when I was about 3 months smober. While I never got the same tastes that others reported, I loved it. As my taste buds and my vapegear improved, I began to experience the complexity of The Virus, CB and CLS. Those three became my favorites. Then I experienced the fruit mixes. Heavenly! I have tried almost all of the juices made. Some are not favorites but not one is tasteless or unpleasant. To say ‘not my favorite’ still means the juice is better than any other juice of similar taste profile that I have tried. ACB and Wakonda have become ‘must haves’ along with the first three I mentioned.


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