New to Vaping: Construct A Plan

Health isn’t something to be taken lightly and we’re constantly reminded almost daily about the health risks of smoking cigarettes. Come on guys, this isn’t just the media “blowing smoke” up our tailpipes. There are serious health complications that form from smoking. That’s why it’s becoming more common for us smokers to make the large leap to transition into the world of vaping. Is it really that easy to make the change? Continue to learn the best way to approach your new position and establish your place in the vaping world!

E-Cigs: Getting to Know the Basics
One could say this was the pioneer to the vaping world. Looks, feels, smokes, just like a real cigarette. With so many brands and flavors, this is a perfect starting point for beginning vapers to get a feel for the type of vaping gadget they’re looking for. E-cigs are inexpensive, some are reusable, and are just as compact as a regular cigarette.

A Step Up With Vape Pens
Once you have had some time to dabble with e-cigs, it is time to move on to the next level of the vaping community. Just like e-cigs, vape pens serve very similar purposes with a couple added features. Button-controlled puffing actions, refillable e-liquid chambers, and a massive selection of styles, shapes, and colors. This step in the vaping plan is the real building ground for establishing yourself in the vape community.

Full Customizability When Using MODs
Finally, we approach the holy grail of the vaping community. This is where the big boys and avid vapers find a resting place. MODs are comprehensive boxes that provide the necessary heating feature to your chosen e-liquid. These are coil based, meaning there is a chamber to drip your favor flavor into. Changing the wattage that these boxes put out, along with adjusting the airflow for the coil, gives you complete customization so you can achieve that perfect hit. There are ways to even customize and build your own coil to better suit your needs. Granted, making coils and changing MOD features is something that enthusiasts will do as it takes tinkering time and patience.


E-Liquids Bring Flavor to your Lungs
All gadgets and cool tech aside, we need to know what e-liquid is and how it is used in the vaping community. This is where your nicotine and flavors come into play. Using Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine, the base of the liquid is made. Next, nicotine and flavors are extracted using a hygroscopic approach, meaning moisture is pulled and absorbed from the air. Fill your gear and get to vaping with an unlimited choice of flavors and brands. You’ll definitely find the brand and flavor just for you!


Now that we know a little bit about what vaping is and the different styles of vaping, it’s time to stick to our plan. What plan, we never made one of those? Well that’s what we need. Why did we decide to vape in the first place. Easy-peasy, we want a better alternative to smoking tobacco and reducing the risk of developing smoking related illnesses. Now that you’ve taken the initiative to join the vape community, you’re well on your way to achieving your goals and completing your vaping plan!

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