Newbie Vaper Basics: Leaning About A 510 Connector

Vaping has become very widespread; indeed, many cigarette smokers have converted to it. So, there are several things that every newbie vaper needs to know. It’s important to know how the e-cigarette, specifically, the 510 connector, works and how to maintain it.

It’s pretty simple. The connector is 5mm long. The number of threads is 10. So, if you add 5mm to 10 threads, you get a 510 connection. That’s where the name came from. Then, the newbie vaper might wonder how it works. These connectors can be found on the tank, RDA, and MOD. They’re made up of two ends, both of which contain three sections. The collar, also known as the recess, with the threading is the negative contact of the circuit. There are also, inside the 510 connector, pins which act as the positive contact for the circuit. The function of the pins is to facilitate the flow of the current from the batteries and the mod to the atomizer. Inside the collar there is threading; if the threads are screwed together, the pins are in contact. If the threads have less contact, then there’s a lost connection, and the electric cigarette will not fire.

There is the area around the pins known as the insulator. The job of the insulator is to separate the positive from the negative charge of the connector. This is an integral part; the insulator has to be working in order for all the other parts of the 510 connector to work.

The next thing for a vaper to learn is how to maintain the 510 connector. As time passes, the connection points can become oxidized, and this can cause the cigarette to not light. The best way to fix this is to use a q-tip with a little dish soap on it to clean the the threads of the components. Doing this will eliminate any gunk caused by an e-liquid drip. Then, the insulator needs to be examined; if it’s cracked and dry, or if it has melted at all, a new insulator should be bought. This is especially true because the insulator is pivotal to all the other parts working.


Once you’ve maintained all the working parts of the 510 connector, it’s time to enjoy the pleasures vaping. Vaping is a wonderful opportunity meditate, relax, and just enjoy the pleasure of it. So, enjoy yourself and that next hit.

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