Vaping Lingo

Vaping is a new phenomenon that has swept across the world. The discoveries of the health risk, coupled with anti-smoking campaigns, has breed a new market for nicotine users. Those who have mastered the mechanics, paraphernalia, and products used to enjoy the high quality vaping habit have adapted a new dialect to communicate amongst one another.

Most common definitions for the new vaping user to pick up on:

  • 2-piece: A 2-piece is a vaping device that consist of an cartomizer and a battery.
  • 3-piece: A 3-piece is a vaping device that has a cartomizer, battery, and an atomizer.
  • Cartomizer: A cartomizer is a heating element and e-juice delivery system. It is a non-refillable, disposable, and replaceable part. It comes in a variety of coils: single, dual, and triple. The cartomizer combines the heat and the delivery parts of the vapor unit. The greater the quantity of coils the faster the vapor is delivered.
  • Atomizer: The atomizer, also known as the “Atty” is the part of the electronic device that heats it. It consists of a metal wire that’s wrapped around a core of metal housing that screws into the battery. This is the element that’s activated by the electricity in the battery and causes the vaporization of the vapor. Basically, its main purpose is being the element that creates the vapor.
  • Bridge: A covering that goes on the top of an atomizer coil that’s shaped like a U or V. It is metal and often covered in a soft material, such as cotton, that’s used as a wick to deliver the e-liquid to the heating element.
  • Dripping: This is the process of manually dripping the e-liquid directly onto the heating element for a better “throat hit” and flavor.
  • Protected Batteries: A device that has covering over circuits on the battery. This protects that battery from charging, discharging, or malfunctioning.

There are other new terms out there, so feel free to share some with us either in the comments section below or on Facebook.

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