Rare Cases: Do Vape Batteries Explode?

By now many of you’ve seen at least one news article about a vape pen or e-cigarette exploding. While there are situations where this has occurred, they are very rare and are not only limited to the vaping industries batteries.

Vape pen’s and e-cig’s typically use a lithium-ion battery, just like the ones that have been used in other re-chargeable electronics for years. Lithium-ion batteries very rarely explode as it requires a large amount of heat in a short amount of time for this to even occur. In the rare event of a failure, the most likely result is the battery melting and never even exploding. There are also measures you can take to ensure an even lower chance of this occurring with the deivce.

First, be sure to pay attention to what your battery can and cannot do. Some devices are activated by pressing a button to activate the heating process. The lower end versions will activate whenever the button is pushed and have no shut off mechanism, mid to high end versions also use the button to activate but have additional features such as an on/off switch, automatic timer cut off, short circuit protection, and more. Based on the features, a battery that does not have an ON/OFF switch or timer cut off should never be carried in your pocket as you run the risk of overheating and thus damaging the battery.

Second, you should pay attention to the environment factors, such as hot temperatures. It’s never recommended to leave anything with a lithium-ion battery in your car, especially during the day. During the summer, the interior temperature of your vehicle can be 20 degree or higher than the outside temperature. This creates a prime environment for overheating the battery, which can result in either ruining the battery or causing damage that’ll later result in a failure.

Finally, proper handling also can prevent failures. Dropping your device can result in damage to the wiring and other components, which can eventually lead to failure. Be sure to always leave it on a flat surface. Lithium-ion batteries rarely fail, but by ensuring that you handle and store the vape pen or e-cig battery correctly, you’ll go a long way to preventing damage to the battery and the device in general.

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  1. John

    Thanks for sharing this. When it comes to product malfunctions, people often ignore any outside factors that may have contributed to the failure even though improper use could definitely contribute to a device malfunctioning. Products usually include warnings for situations like this, so the fault then falls on the user.


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