RDA Popularity – A More Satisfying Vaping Experience

Vaping continues to be growing in popularity amongst people who want to quit smoking. For those who have been enjoying their vaping experience, but can’t quite put their finger on what’s missing, there are alternatives. You know traditional tobacco is not an option, but trying an RDA may dramatically change your vaping experience.

A rebuildable dripping atomizer, sometimes referred to as a dripper, is typically used by people progressing from clearomizer tank usage, and the actual wick is saturated with an e-liquid allowing a more flavorful, perfect hit with every puff. The rationale of why users choose an RDA versus a clearomizer is to consider that a light brand of a traditional tobacco product does absolutely nothing for a full-flavored tobacco product user. Thus, an RDA user simply prefers more flavor that gives a more satisfying experience. Most clearomizer users will admit that there have been instances when a puff on a pen-style vaporizer was not as satisfying as was expected. With RDA use, the flavor and hit is more consistent. Considering that something is missing from your vaping experience, an RDA is likely your best option. If you’re someone who’s been vaping for a while, you have tried and have several clearomizer and batteries; donate them to someone who wants to quit tobacco!

A newbie may find that learning to rebuild an atomizer is confusing to say the least. As with most do-it-yourself projects, there are tons of videos and step-by-step instructions available to guide one through the entire process. It does require some precision, as too closely spaced coils can cause hot spots that may reduce the enjoyment associated with RDA use. There are different styles of RDA atomizers available at a variety of price points. It has been said that using an RDA gives a vaping experience that will quickly become a preference over any other. Of course switching to an RDA may cause pause for some, but its growing popularity speaks volumes about the satisfying experience. After making a small investment in the materials needed to build an RDA, try it as others have; you just might prefer it as others do!

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