Regulated or Unregulated? – That is the MOD Question

Vaping is one of the coolest things one can do. Not only is it a better alternative to smoking, but it also has less negative impacts on those around a vaper. However, in order to experience a superior vaping experience one has to learn about the various vaping devices and how they help improve their experience. Two of the most used vaping devices are the regulated and unregulated mod boxes. These two devices both have their advantages but this is dependent on the type of vaper using them.

Regulated MODs
I’d advocate that if you’re a beginner in the vaping scene, regulated MODs should be purchased. This is because as a beginner, one needs to be extra cautious so that vaping does not pose as a hazard to them.

Advantage of Regulated MODs for Beginners
A regulated MOD is much safer for batteries than an unregulated mod. This is because when its battery runs low, the device will prevent you from vaping. What happens is, when the battery is low, the MOD won’t light at all. Therefore, you’ll be forced to charge the battery before further use. This is a protective measure for the batteries. Regulated MODs also ensure safety of the vaper. They contain a safety pin and other safety installations that help protect against overheating. And in case something is wrong with the device, it’ll not fire.

Unregulated MODs
For those who’ve been vaping for some time now and are adventurous, then unregulated MODs are definitely the perfect choice for them. They enable the vaper more control over their vaping experience. They’re also less costly. As a new vaper, you don’t want to invest heavily into something that you’re uncertain about. Therefore, regulated MODs, based on their price, make the perfect choice for beginners. Additionally, they’re really easy to use.


Advantages of Unregulated Mods
With unregulated MODs, the vaper gains more control over their vaping experience. This is because it allows the increase and decrease of wattages or voltages according to the needs of the vaper. The unregulated power output of the unregulated mod makes it possible for the vaper to practice sub-Ohm vaping. They also allow for customization. The batteries can be disassociated and high performance batteries used to replace them. Also, the coils and wick can be changed as the vaper wishes.


As you can see, both types of MODs have their advantages. Each of them can be best for a vaper depending on their vaping experience. It’s advisable that as a newbie, once again, you start with the regulated MOD and change to the unregulated as you advance.

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