Secondhand Vapor Is Not Like Smoke

Within the last decade the number of people who smoke cigarettes has dropped significantly. This is in large part due to an alternative form of obtaining nicotine, called e-cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes produce a vapor instead of smoke. Because of this, many people prefer e-cigarettes as there are benefits not only to those who use them, but to other parties around the user as well.

There are several ways that e-cigarettes differ from the original cigarette. Other than the way that you use each of them, one factor to consider that is different is the second hand aspect. One reason people prefer e-cigarettes over cigarettes is that the vapor from e-cigarettes is only released when the user exhales. Cigarettes continually burn and produce smoke no matter what as soon as they are lit. Therefore there is a certain amount of courtesy to others that can be displayed by those who use the e-cigarette with vapor as opposed to those who use regular cigarettes. Since the e-cigarette produces a vapor or mist into the air there are also no ashy, smokey, or unpleasant smells that are associated with the use of it. In opposition, the common cigarette is known for producing each of these unpleasant smells and can remain with the person who smoked it or someone who was within proximity of them throughout the day.

In addition to the smells and frequency of smoke or vapor from these two products there are a few health benefits with the e-cigarette vapor. When smoke from a cigarette is released into the air a person who intakes the secondhand smoke intakes much of the harmful chemicals associated with it. This is an extreme problem with secondhand smoke and cigarettes. People who make the decision not to smoke are still punished from those who do. In regards to the vapor from an e-cigarette, the secondhand party is not punished as severely. Two of the main pollutants from a cigarette, carbon monoxide and tar, are voided when it comes to the secondhand vapor from an e-cigarette.

There are several ways that e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke differ. The secondhand aspect from each are both very different. The e-cigarette vapor is more easily controlled, does not produced bad smells associated with smoke, and does not produce the same health hazards. Because of this, look for the e-cigarette to continue to replace the existence of regular cigarettes.

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