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Finding The Right Throat Hit

To find just the right throat hit from your vaping device, be it an e-cigarette or MOD for instances, there are a few factors to consider that wouldn’t ordinarily cross the mind of those that’re brand new to vaping and the products that’re available.

  • E-Liquid flavor
  • PG/VG Ratio
  • Type of Device and Strength of Atomizer/Battery

E-liquid Flavor 
Keep in mind that this is a critical decision when selecting an e-liquid flavor that is tolerable to your palette and nose. 
When mixing custom e-liquids in lieu of choosing favored pre-fabricated blends, keep in mind these “ideal flavors” will taste when inhaled as they would if they were left to burn on a barbecue, so flavors like Cherry and Peach, which sounds delightful, will taste like burnt Cherries and Peaches (very gross!), so think more on the camp of blending tobacco and fruits or desserts, or menthol blended with fruit or desserts for the most tolerable tastes.

PG/VG Ratio
This has a simplistic yet gradual equation
Nevermind what they stand for but the higher the PG percentage next to the VG percentage (ie. 70%/30%) the stronger the throat hit will be, the closer to 50%/50% the higher the vapor output will be and the lesser the throat hit will be. So for stronger throat hit on any e-liquid blend, choose the higher PG value.
Type of Device and the output strength in wattage of the battery and atomizers inserted
Vaporizers are a finicky creature 
Most vapes are gonna give you a lot of throat hit which is not dependent on the e-liquid, PG value, or battery/atomizer output, basically the size of the vaporizer at the base is bigger for a higher wattage output and this higher wattage output charges and heats the cotton coil atomizer inserted at the neck of the device to heat up the e-liquid and create vapor, the faster it heats the more vapor that will pour out from the device at once, creating a larger vapor cloud upon exhale.

We should now be able to discern that if you prefer a strong throat hit over more vapor clouds, go with a smaller device, include tobacco and/or menthol flavors in your e-liquid, and ask your vape tender to give you the highest PG value possible, or more so pretty much to your own personal taste, have fun vaping, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

It’s Not Always The Size of The Device That Matters

When considering a vaping device, bigger isn’t always better. In fact the bigger you go, the more you can actually hurt your experience. The same applies if you’re looking for a vaping device with the smallest footprint. If you want to just show off a device then that is one thing. But for those that want the best bang for their buck when it comes to vaping devices, finding the right size is paramount to the experience.


With all of the pros and cons for size, the easiest thing to take away from it is that the larger devices have more room for extra features. These features are built in to enhance your vaping experience, with some of the larger devices having changeable batteries. This can be a tremendous help if you are running low at any point. But when dealing with the size of a larger device, it might not be convenient for concealment purposes. So you can either get a small vaping device with less features that you can hide, or a larger one with more features that stands out. Atomizer coils come in different sizes, and in the case of a MOD, allows you to build it from the ground up. In the latter case you can precisely adjust it to how you see fit, rendering the size moot.


If you go back to the earlier example about changeable batteries in larger devices being a pro, well consider that some of the good branded smaller vaping devices have a small battery with an insane amount of mAh. The best of them have close to 1500 mAh and provide over a 1000 puffs before needing to be recharged. So you can go small and still get a couple of days use out of a smaller vaping device, with the same coil dynamics. You’ll get a device that can be concealed, is lighter, and requires moderately less upkeep than a larger device.


Keep in mind that it would take the higher end of a smaller brand to beat the mid-tier of a larger sized brand. The give and take continues, and leads you down through the rabbit hole. You can spend days figuring out the variables that favor one size vaping device over another. By using the keeping it simple route you’ll see that it all comes down to performance. A combination of battery life, comfort levels, available puffs per charge, ability to mod and accessories will determine the best choice. Size is irrelevant if the end product is not up to standards with what you want.


By finding that happy medium, you’re shedding the silly question of whether you should be concerned with the size of a vaping device. Some users prefer a single coil, while heavy users prefer a double coil. It’s a matter of preference, and not all vapers are created the same.


The all-important clue that’s left out of the equation is getting quality e-liquid. Don’t get the best vaping device only to fill it with second hand fuel. Treat it like a new car, and put only the good stuff in there. The process can be as simple or complicated, but won’t really matter if you aren’t enjoying your vaping experience.


There was a time that size played a big role in the vaping scene, and went from a large preference to a small preference. That time is gone, and now it is all about quality ingredients, features and brands. Don’t get sucked into the hype of size, and instead make it a point to enjoy the benefits of a brand that is tailor made for you.

What Happens If Your Battery Keeps Cutting Off?

If you find that your battery keeps cutting off while you’re using your vaping device, you would need to check a few things before you change the battery or throw out your personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette altogether.

So what will prolong the life of a battery on a vaping device so that it won’t cut off?

First of all, you need to keep your batteries clean. DO NOT expose them to an area where dirt can get into them. Also, stay away from liquids and high or low temperatures. Liquid that gets into the connecting part of a battery will mess up the connection. Use a cotton swab or toothpick to clean the battery once a week.

Disconnecting the cartomizer or clearomizer, also known as the atomizer, will greatly help your battery from slowing down due to over-use or drainage. This’ll prolong the life of the battery on your device. Your vaping mechanism should be turned on or used every other day so as to make sure the cells inside remain active and healthy.

Keep your batteries at room temperature which is between 68º F (20º C) and 77º F (25º C). If your battery has not been used for a few days it may go into sleep mode and may even lose the charge. In fact, if the vaping device is carefully stored in a travel case, it’ll greatly help the battery stay out of humid and damp areas so as to prevent the battery from malfunction or breaking, especially if it’s dropped.

Did you know that a battery should run out completely before you charge it again? That way, the lifespan of the battery will be extended. Also, the power-gauge will re-calibrate itself. It has been observed that the battery from many electronic cigarettes can be recharged at least 300 times prior to realizing the end of its cycle.

Sometimes it’s the child lock that has been turned on and that’s what will cut off the battery power. Always check that feature before you use it and make sure it’s turned off. In the case where the child lock was not the issue, check to make sure there was no liquid that got into the clearomizer; clean the device with a Q-tip or Kleenex.

Take a look at the Center Pin. Sometimes it’s the “disconnect”, as the connection has been broken and therefore the battery will fail to operate properly. The clearomizer also has a center-pin that will not enable the device to work properly if the connection has been severed. Prior to cleaning, make sure the battery is completely turned off before you process the center-pin, otherwise there will be a short circuit that will take place. Often, the charger is faulty and not working properly and the charger LED color will turn red within a few seconds.

“Digital Memory” is a condition that decreases the digital memory of a battery. The best way to save a battery’s life and prevent it from drying out, is to charge the battery up to 70% before storing it, especially if it’s for longer periods of time. Also, it’s advisable to discharge a battery completely every 30 charge and discharge cycles.

By following the instructions in this review, your device will always have a battery in tip-top working condition whenever and wherever you feel like relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Can your vaping device set off a smoke detector?

Anyone who vapes knows that this healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes does not produce smoke, but vapor. This is the reason why some places let you vape inside. Though some still ask the question, can my vape set off a smoke alarm? First instinct says no, why would it? It does not produce any smoke. It has happened on the rare occasion though, which begs the question of why, when no smoke is produced.

To fully answer the question one must find out more about smoke detectors to see if that may be the reason.

There is more than one type of smoke detector that is commonly used today, optical smoke alarms and ionization smoke alarms. Some systems even use both of these technologies.

Optical smoke detectors are pretty much just light sensors. Beams of light are used to detect smoke particles in the air. If there is smoke in the air, the smoke will travel into the optical detector and it will block off the infrared rays inside the chamber of the detector. When the detector senses the particles that are blocking the rays, it will then trigger the alarm. This type of alarm seems more likely to be a type that may be set off by a vaping device. The other type of smoke detector commonly used is the ionization smoke detector. These are the types typically used in households. This type of smoke detector uses a radioisotope to create ionization in the air. Smoke particles in the air will block the ionization and travel into the chamber of the smoke detector, thus sounding the alarm. This type of alarm seems less likely to be set off by a vaping device because it typically requires real smoke to set it off.


After looking at the types of smoke detectors, it is time to look at the vaping device itself. Since vapes do not produce any smoke, just vapor, it seems unlikely that the vape would be the cause of a smoke alarm going off.


With as rarely as it happens, it’s probably safe to say that vapes setting off smoke alarms depends on what type of detector is present. The chances of setting off an ionization detector is very low, but setting off an optical detector would be easier and more common. So to answer the question will a vape device set off a smoke alarm? Usually, no. It is possible though, depending on the detector type.