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Nautilus Mini – The Next Generation of Tank Systems

The Nautilus Mini is the next generation of tank systems. The upgraded Nautilus Mini has improvements which are user friendly. Aspire installs the Nautilus Mini with a newly designed 1.8 ohm BVC (bottom vertical coil). The typical preferable setting is at 13 watts. The new coil lasts longer and with proper priming the life of the coil can be extended while providing users with pure, clean taste from e-liquids.

The Nautilus Mini has a unique four-port system so the draw, warmth and amount of vapor produced varies depending upon your personal setting. With the different sized air-ports, the user can produce big clouds of vapor with excellent flavor. Should you prefer or an e-juice require a tighter draw with less air for full flavor, with a quick turn of the adjustable airflow valve ring the Mini Nautilus provides an instant modification to the vaping experience. The Mini Nautilus provides a plethora of vaping experiences with one device and many variables thanks to the revolutionary design.

The Nautilus Mini paired with an Eleaf 20 watt and bendable adapter provides a compact and easy way to carry your vape. The bottom connector is compatible with any 510 battery. The Pyrex glass tank has one of the nicer appearances with a unique thread design and stainless steel polish. The stainless round drip tip has silicone rubber seal and can be used with any of your favorite 510 drip tips with this device.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini kit includes the tank for starters installed with a 1.8 BVC head, an instructional manual which will help guide you through filing the tank and also how to take care of the device. Also equipped with a replacement 1.8ohm, Bottom Vertical Coil and an eGo threaded cone adapter or Beauty Ring giving a streamline appearance with the battery.

Top 3 Summer E-Juices From NICOTICKET

Just like a good craft beer changes with the seasons, so should your e-liquid. This summer, as the sun is beaming down on you, take in some new flavors with crisp, fresh tastes to cool you down. NICOTICKET has nailed it with the Strawnilla, Custard’s Last Stand, and Sure Bert flavors. Each one has a unique and delicious flavor blend that will enhance each day of summer. When it’s hot outside, you want a light, smooth vape and these three varieties are sure to please.

Strawnilla is the perfect blend of natural strawberry flavoring mixed with sweet vanilla. It begins with a generous amount of vanilla, add fresh strawberries, and packs a complete punch with a little tang on the end. It’s a mild blend with just enough flavor to please. The taste is reminiscent of a strawberry shake on a hot summer’s day. One connoisseur described it as a “milkshake without the calories”. And who doesn’t like a nice, cool milkshake when it’s hot outside? This e-liquid is extremely difficult to scorch, and it has a wonderful smell and taste. Honestly, I can drip this stuff all day.

Custard’s Last Stand is one of the best flavors, hands down, for your first vape on a brand new summer day. If you are trying to find a custard that you can vape all day long, you have finally found it. That’s a really nice thing to have, especially if you are spending your summer day out at the beach. Also known as CLS, Custard’s Last Stand is the e-liquid that made NICOTICKET famous. The vanilla flavoring used is the most natural and authentic vanilla base on the market. Truth be told, it’s hard to put it down. CLS mixes well with flavors you are not so fond of and makes them wonderful. Very mellow and smooth with no clingy or syrupy aftertaste, Custards Last Stand will make your taste buds dance for joy.

Prepare your taste buds for sweet and tart citrus notes including orange, raspberry, lemon, and lime. Sure Bert is expertly blended to produce the taste and texture of real rainbow Sure Bert. You can keep this one on all weekend. It is just like the rich, creamy mouthful of sherbet that you get off the ice cream truck. Anyone who likes rainbow sherbet will love this juice. NICOTICKET created a masterpiece that’s sweet and tangy with the perfect blend of creaminess that really comes forward to balance the tart citrus flavors. When I’m vaping, I can’t tell whether I’m vaping or eating a scoop of the most delicious sherbet. It has this sweet, fruity fizz that never drops off. It even has that “icy” kind of taste. You’re literally one vape away from enjoying sherbet whenever you want. Sure Bert isn’t too heavy or too sweet and it can actually be a pleasant all day vape during your warm, long days of summer.

As your summer adventures unfold, take these three flavors along with you for a clean, crisp and refreshing experience. Each flavor improves over time as you let them steep, so you might want to get yours sooner than later. Play around with the temperature to lighten or intensify the different flavors. Having a blend that you can keep going all day is perfect for the long summer days so you can let each day take you to a new place without ever having to worry about switching it up.

Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From NICOTICKET

Fall Colors

Fall is the time for warm jackets, bonfires, gold and red falling leaves, and of course, delicious treats. Without adding on unwanted pounds while devouring a sweet Fall treat, we carry delicious e-juice flavors that’re sure to satisfy the taste buds of each vaper. With that said, here are our Top 3 Fall E-Liquids that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #3: Wakonda: Coming in 3rd on this list is a flavor that screams Fall, Wakonda. This vanilla that’s mixed with the flavor profile of a fine, dark roasted coffee, and then hit with a smooth tobacco flavor is sure to please the taste buds with every hit when you vape.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #2 (Tie): Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish and The Doodle: Nothing smells more like Fall that the spicy, sweet smell of cinnamon and we have two e-liquid flavors that fit the bill. Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish is almost sinful as the taste is spot on. Just like how grandma use to make them in the kitchen during the Fall, you can now enjoy this flavor in an e-liquid bottle. The Doodle is another fresh cinnamon treat in an e-liquid flavor that represents the classic taste of a freshly baked snicker doodle cookie. These two e-liquids can be added to your Fall favorites to be enjoyed at any time of the day, without adding on extra weight, too.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #1: Band Camp: Coming in at #1, and this might be a bit of a shocker, is the Fall taste sensation of apple. We hit the mark with this flavor profile for this awesome creation of a fantastic flavor combo called ‘Band Camp’. This rich e-liquid has all of the sweet flavors of a freshly baked apple pie without any calories. Just the smell of the sweet vaping aroma from this type of e-liquid brings on the images of falling leaves and the crisp air of Fall as the temperature outside starts to get cooler.


Spooky ghosts and ghoulish pumpkin faces are not the only Fall treasures that people imagine with this season. There are many treats and goodies that are reserved for fall and we tend to capture them all with our skillfully crafted e-liquid flavor combinations.