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The Functionalities of a MOD’s Chip

Whether you choose a mechanical MOD (mech MOD) or regulated MOD for your vaping system determines the device’s range of functionality. The advantages of a regulated MOD are enhanced functionality and battery power provided by its smart chip.

MODs: Unregulated
A mechanical mod refers to a metal, tube-shaped device with no advanced electronics or wiring. It contains a battery and connector for a topper, also called an atomizer, that vaporizes the e-juice. The atomizer contains a wick, heating coil and mesh bridge, and heats the e-juice until it’s vaporized. A mech mod lacks complex circuitry and doesn’t provide advanced features that regulated mods do, such as settings to prevent battery overheating. You may hear it referred to as an unregulated mod.

MODs/: Regulated
Regulated mods contain a smart chip, a micro computer that signals the battery sending power to the atomizer. Some smart chips let the user choose various voltage and/or wattage settings which affects vapor production, also called vapor volume, and vapor temperature which affects taste. For instance, lowering the ohms (the electrical resistance) and increasing voltage provides more vapor, an improved throat hit, and can provide additional flavor. Combined with your choice of e-juice this can significantly alter your vaping experience. The smart chip lets the user customize other items, too, such as using sub-ohm vaping or accommodating multiple battery sizes.

You can buy a ready-to-use vape pen mod or if you’re technically inclined, you can build your own vaping system. Your choice of smart chip determines your battery life, cloud production, taste and flavor enhancements, and ultimately, your throat hit. Your options vary widely depending on the chip you choose. For instance, the Evolv DNA 40 chip features wattage control up to 40W, temperature protection, a preheating setting for the box, watts adjustment and an OLED screen that lets you view settings. The YiHi SX offers similar features to Evolv’s DNA 40 but offers wider wattage range going up to a 150W chip.


Like the CPU in your computer, the smart chip in your vaping system is the “brains” of it. At best if it gets damaged, you lose important functionality, at worst you have a “bricked” device or like the Cheech and Chong comedy routine goes, it can go “up in smoke.” Literally, a smart chip malfunction can mean no temperature or wattage control. The device can overheat, catch fire or explode.


You can enhance your vaping experience using an unregulated or regulated mod. A regulated mod gives you more choice and control over your vaping experience, plus safety features. However, if the smart chip in your mod gets damaged, you’ll need to replace it since it controls device functionality.