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Finding The Right Throat Hit

To find just the right throat hit from your vaping device, be it an e-cigarette or MOD for instances, there are a few factors to consider that wouldn’t ordinarily cross the mind of those that’re brand new to vaping and the products that’re available.

  • E-Liquid flavor
  • PG/VG Ratio
  • Type of Device and Strength of Atomizer/Battery

E-liquid Flavor 
Keep in mind that this is a critical decision when selecting an e-liquid flavor that is tolerable to your palette and nose. 
When mixing custom e-liquids in lieu of choosing favored pre-fabricated blends, keep in mind these “ideal flavors” will taste when inhaled as they would if they were left to burn on a barbecue, so flavors like Cherry and Peach, which sounds delightful, will taste like burnt Cherries and Peaches (very gross!), so think more on the camp of blending tobacco and fruits or desserts, or menthol blended with fruit or desserts for the most tolerable tastes.

PG/VG Ratio
This has a simplistic yet gradual equation
Nevermind what they stand for but the higher the PG percentage next to the VG percentage (ie. 70%/30%) the stronger the throat hit will be, the closer to 50%/50% the higher the vapor output will be and the lesser the throat hit will be. So for stronger throat hit on any e-liquid blend, choose the higher PG value.
Type of Device and the output strength in wattage of the battery and atomizers inserted
Vaporizers are a finicky creature 
Most vapes are gonna give you a lot of throat hit which is not dependent on the e-liquid, PG value, or battery/atomizer output, basically the size of the vaporizer at the base is bigger for a higher wattage output and this higher wattage output charges and heats the cotton coil atomizer inserted at the neck of the device to heat up the e-liquid and create vapor, the faster it heats the more vapor that will pour out from the device at once, creating a larger vapor cloud upon exhale.

We should now be able to discern that if you prefer a strong throat hit over more vapor clouds, go with a smaller device, include tobacco and/or menthol flavors in your e-liquid, and ask your vape tender to give you the highest PG value possible, or more so pretty much to your own personal taste, have fun vaping, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience!

Different Types of Throat Hits


When it comes to vaping, people tend to be pretty particular about their e-juice and the throat hit that they get while vaping. Those who’ve recently quit smoking may tend to want more of a throat hit than those who just want to vape for flavor and not for quitting cigarettes. Menthol smokers may want a menthol throat hit, and non-menthol smokers may want more of a tobacco flavor and throat hit.

At first, when individuals quit smoking cigarettes, they may want to get as close as possible to what they had in the cigarettes they smoked and flavor may be unimportant at this beginning level of vaping. Soon, they find themselves starting to like flavors that have menthol in them. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to settle, you can simply mix a menthol or tobacco flavor with something that you really enjoy in order to enjoy the flavor and also get the throat hit. People who’ve quit smoking in the past and are trying not to go back to it may start vaping; these individuals may want a stronger throat hit or they may want a milder throat hit.

Some individuals, particularly those who just vape for flavor without nicotine, don’t like strong throat hits at all. They prefer a very mild to no throat hit and just want to have full flavor. People typically need to find a balance and experiment to figure out what is right for them. Play around with your e-liquids to find your perfect balance between throat hit and flavor especially if you are a previous smoker. Vaping is a better alternative to smoking, and for whatever type of throat hit you’re looking for there is a setup and juice for you.