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Taking Your Cloud Chasing to a Whole New Level

Experienced vapers often excite at the idea of blowing bigger clouds, so much so that cloud chasing has become a sport. With safety in mind, we’ve some handy tips to make you the next biggest cloud chaser.


The inhale/exhale required for cloud chasing is different. You must perfect a large enough inhale to produce a big cloud, and the speed of the exhale must be slow. If your exhale is too fast, you’ll get a thin cloud. Just remember the slower, the thicker. One technique for creating a large cloud on the exhale involves moving backward at the same time, this is known as rip tripping.


An RDA or rebuildable drip atomizer allows you to control the drip of the e-liquid onto the coils. This isn’t helpful for everyday use, but if you’re trying to get a larger cloud, this allows you to drip before every few puffs. You must also be familiar with sub ohming. Your atomizer must, therefore be firing at under 1 ohm of resistance.


Depending on the airflow, it can either affect your MOD or your cloud. If there is too much air escaping, then your clouds will be thin. However, if not enough air is escaping, it might damage your MOD. You definitely want thick clouds, but you don’t want your MOD to get damaged. Testing limited airflow is something to experiment with as a cloud chaser, but also to beware of.


Another potential danger to your MOD is overheating the battery. If you use your battery incorrectly or leave it charging too long, the battery can overheat and your MOD can catch on fire or explode. Make sure you are using the right brand of charger, or the one that came with your MOD and make sure to attend to the battery while it is charging. This way it will never get overcharged.

VG Chasing

Another thing to think about is the e-liquid. It should have a higher blend of VG. For thick clouds, your e-liquid should be about a 70/30 blend with VG being the greater unit and PG or being the lesser. This produces great clouds, is easy on the throat, and tastes better. You can also use pure VG, which is what professional cloud chasers tend to use.

The Wick and Coil

Wicking is another important part of cloud chasing. If you treat your wick properly you will get the most use out of your e-liquid. To do this, cut both ends of the wick. Fluff the ends up, and then tuck them under the coil, leaving room for air beneath the wick as you push it to one side. The most important part of cloud chasing is how your coils are built. Use a dual coil for maximum cloud production.

As you can see, cloud chasing is definitely only for the most experienced vaper. Misuse of the battery or airflow could lead to the explosion of your MOD potentially causing harm to you or those around you. Taking all this into consideration, enjoy! Cloud chasing can be thoroughly entertaining and exciting.

What Happens If Your Battery Keeps Cutting Off?

If you find that your battery keeps cutting off while you’re using your vaping device, you would need to check a few things before you change the battery or throw out your personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette altogether.

So what will prolong the life of a battery on a vaping device so that it won’t cut off?

First of all, you need to keep your batteries clean. DO NOT expose them to an area where dirt can get into them. Also, stay away from liquids and high or low temperatures. Liquid that gets into the connecting part of a battery will mess up the connection. Use a cotton swab or toothpick to clean the battery once a week.

Disconnecting the cartomizer or clearomizer, also known as the atomizer, will greatly help your battery from slowing down due to over-use or drainage. This’ll prolong the life of the battery on your device. Your vaping mechanism should be turned on or used every other day so as to make sure the cells inside remain active and healthy.

Keep your batteries at room temperature which is between 68º F (20º C) and 77º F (25º C). If your battery has not been used for a few days it may go into sleep mode and may even lose the charge. In fact, if the vaping device is carefully stored in a travel case, it’ll greatly help the battery stay out of humid and damp areas so as to prevent the battery from malfunction or breaking, especially if it’s dropped.

Did you know that a battery should run out completely before you charge it again? That way, the lifespan of the battery will be extended. Also, the power-gauge will re-calibrate itself. It has been observed that the battery from many electronic cigarettes can be recharged at least 300 times prior to realizing the end of its cycle.

Sometimes it’s the child lock that has been turned on and that’s what will cut off the battery power. Always check that feature before you use it and make sure it’s turned off. In the case where the child lock was not the issue, check to make sure there was no liquid that got into the clearomizer; clean the device with a Q-tip or Kleenex.

Take a look at the Center Pin. Sometimes it’s the “disconnect”, as the connection has been broken and therefore the battery will fail to operate properly. The clearomizer also has a center-pin that will not enable the device to work properly if the connection has been severed. Prior to cleaning, make sure the battery is completely turned off before you process the center-pin, otherwise there will be a short circuit that will take place. Often, the charger is faulty and not working properly and the charger LED color will turn red within a few seconds.

“Digital Memory” is a condition that decreases the digital memory of a battery. The best way to save a battery’s life and prevent it from drying out, is to charge the battery up to 70% before storing it, especially if it’s for longer periods of time. Also, it’s advisable to discharge a battery completely every 30 charge and discharge cycles.

By following the instructions in this review, your device will always have a battery in tip-top working condition whenever and wherever you feel like relaxing and enjoying the moment.

How Can I Get More Flavor From My E-Juice?

There’s a common question that arises among new and experienced vapers alike: What’s the best way to get the most flavor out of e-liquids? Sometimes new vapers find that they can hardly taste the flavors, or experienced vapers who used to have no problems discover that they cannot taste the flavors as much or at all. Whether it’s from vaper’s tongue, e-juice issues, or equipment problems, there are a combination of factors to consider when attempting to get the more flavor while vaping.

The first thing to consider when it comes to flavor. Often times when someone’s not getting enough flavor from their liquid, they’re not letting it steep long enough, which’s just letting it spend time in a cool, dark place. Steeping will let the flavor settle and can substantially improve the flavor. When purchasing a new bottle, it’s a good idea to let it steep for a few days before using it. Depending on the flavor or brand, the times can be different. Another thing to consider when choosing an e-juice is the ratio of PG and VG. The majority of e-juices are a blend of the two, and a higher ratio of PG will provide more flavor when vaping. It’s best to start at a 50/50 ratio, but experimenting is necessary to find what works best.

Equipment Considerations
The wick material being used plays a role in the quality of flavor. A long favorite, especially for those who make their own atomizers and clearomizers, is organic cotton. Silica wicks that are common in tanks that’re already built don’t provide as much flavor. What the tank is made of can also be a factor in flavor quality. Most vapers would agree that glass tanks are better for the best flavor, while plastic tanks can slightly reduce the quality. Also, using a dual coil setup instead of a single coil can improve the quality of flavor. When more e-liquid is able to make contact with the coils, it produces a greater amount of vapor. The more vapor that is produced, the more flavor it tends to give.

Understanding Vaper’s Tongue
This is especially among seasoned vapors, and it’s often caused by overuse of the same flavor. It’s natural to want to vape the same flavor once a favorite is found, but over the course of time it desensitizes an individual’s ability to taste the flavor. To overcome this, either start vaping a new flavor or get a stronger form of the same flavor. Dehydration is also a common cause of Vaper’s Tongue. When dehydrated, a person’s taste buds are not going to be working properly, and it causes a coating to build up over the tongue that dulls its ability to work effectively. To ensure the tongue is always prepared for flavor, stay hydrated.
There’s no need to worry if the flavors don’t seem to be strong enough. The quality of flavors and getting the most out of vaping is a learning process. No matter what the reason, with some time and small adjustments following these tips, both new and experienced vapers can look forward to getting the best quality flavor while vaping every time.

3 Quick Tips For Getting More Vapor From Your MOD

Most of us know that a MOD is a device that allows wattage and voltage changes depending upon on your vaping needs. Just by using it, you stand to really increase your vapor production. However, you’ve to have an understanding of how wattage and voltage work in order to increase your vapor production. Below are 3 tips for increasing your vapor output when using a MOD.

Tip #1: Sub-Ohm
Sub-Ohm vaping refers to vaping at a resistance of below 1 Ohm. This is a great way to produce more vapor from your MOD because the resistance is low. However, it should be noted that this could lead to battery spoilage due to the stress impacted.

Tip #2: High Wattage
If you want to achieve a greater vapor output from your mod, then you need to increase the wattages of your device. This however, should be done carefully so as not to burn your coil and therefore get a burnt flavor instead. If this happens, it could ruin your vaping experience and your interest in trying new things in vaping. Therefore, if you’re to increase your wattages, you need to first start at the low level. From here, you can increase the wattages gradually. Ensure, that every time you add wattages, you should vape and test if the device is too hot. If not, increase the wattage setting slowly and repeat this. However, if the device is too hot, you should adjust the wattage settings to the previous settings.

Tip #3: Lowering Coil Resistance
Another way of increasing the vapor output of your MOD is by decreasing the coil resistance. Remember, high temperatures are required in order to optimize the level of vapor production. Lowering the resistance of your mod will lead to the high temperatures required. However, it should be noted that if low resistance coils are used, they’re bound to burn out more quickly that the high resistance ones. Therefore, it’s important that the coils be changed often to avoid getting burnt flavors.
Increasing vapor production is one of the ways in which a vaper could enhance their vaping experience. However, while doing so, utmost care should be taken because MODs tend to be tricky in their usage, and if one isn’t well-informed on how to operate them, they could be a safety hazard.

3 E-Juice Tips When it Comes to Vaping with a Slight Cold

Ask anyone who vapes and they will tell you that it’s definitely a better activity than ordinary cigarette smoking. Vaping has a couple drawbacks. Perhaps one of the rare ones would be vaping with a common cold, which can be difficult because many have reported that they simply cannot taste anything from the e-juice being vaped. However, there are ways to both take care of your cold and still do your vaping activities. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Tip #1: Utilize the Right Flavors
Although no one is really certain why, the strong smells of menthol can often have a soothing effect on many characteristics of a cold. Try using menthol for your next vaping session then and see if it doesn’t alleviate your cold symptoms. If menthol isn’t your thing, then you might consider utilizing flavors such as lavender or peppermint for your next vape session. These flavors have been known to soothe the effects of a cold, such as the dry or sore throat that you might be experiencing now.

Tip #2: Weigh It Out
If a cold is getting in the way of your vaping experience, then sometimes weighing it out can be helpful. For example, if utilizing the 0 ms/ml helps your cold but 18 ms/ml hurts it then perhaps you could utilize a 9 ms/ml vape in order to still get the desired effect.

Tip #3: Consider Cutting-Down on Your PG Intake
The PG component of your vaping operation can often be an irritant to you when you have a cold. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and is responsible for the sweetness in the taste during your vape. If you enjoy a vape with a higher PG you might consider getting by with less while you are dealing with the effects of a cold.

These tips will help you battle through a cold and still enjoy your vaping session.

Avoiding E-Liquid Mishaps

eliquid mishap

Picking up a vaporizer and getting e-liquid all over your hands is a very unpleasant experience for anyone.

One way to avoid leakage is to always have the device standing upright. Do not lay the vaporizer on its side when not in use and try to avoid having it on its side or upside down in pockets, purses, or backpacks. Another mistake that people tend to make is overfilling the tank with e-liquid or over-saturating the wick in the atomizer. If the wick in the atomizer is too damp, it could have the tendency to shoot liquid out of the tip and into the user’s mouth when heated the same way olive oil in a hot frying pan would do.

The best way to avoid these issues is to use less liquid and bring on more e-juice only when needed later on. Another common factor of leakage is that the tank, atomizer, or other parts of the device aren’t on tight enough. Always make sure that everything is screwed on and secured snugly to avoid leakage. Another common issue can also be an e-liquid leak if the O-ring on a tank is damaged or broken, causing the airtight seal around the tank to fail. O-rings are easy to replace and can be found either online or at a local vape shop. Instructional videos can be found on the internet when it comes to locating and replacing O-rings.


There are times when vaporizer leakage occurs is because of poor manufacturing of the product. Not all devices and there parts are made the same way, so if you can’t identify the cause of leaking, it’d be wise to do a product review online and see if there are similar complaints from other customers. If the manufacturer has too many complaints, then it might be time to consider looking for a different device or part produced by a better company.


Overall, research and knowledge are the keys to avoiding or dealing with e-liquid mishaps.