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Taking Your Cloud Chasing to a Whole New Level

Experienced vapers often excite at the idea of blowing bigger clouds, so much so that cloud chasing has become a sport. With safety in mind, we’ve some handy tips to make you the next biggest cloud chaser.


The inhale/exhale required for cloud chasing is different. You must perfect a large enough inhale to produce a big cloud, and the speed of the exhale must be slow. If your exhale is too fast, you’ll get a thin cloud. Just remember the slower, the thicker. One technique for creating a large cloud on the exhale involves moving backward at the same time, this is known as rip tripping.


An RDA or rebuildable drip atomizer allows you to control the drip of the e-liquid onto the coils. This isn’t helpful for everyday use, but if you’re trying to get a larger cloud, this allows you to drip before every few puffs. You must also be familiar with sub ohming. Your atomizer must, therefore be firing at under 1 ohm of resistance.


Depending on the airflow, it can either affect your MOD or your cloud. If there is too much air escaping, then your clouds will be thin. However, if not enough air is escaping, it might damage your MOD. You definitely want thick clouds, but you don’t want your MOD to get damaged. Testing limited airflow is something to experiment with as a cloud chaser, but also to beware of.


Another potential danger to your MOD is overheating the battery. If you use your battery incorrectly or leave it charging too long, the battery can overheat and your MOD can catch on fire or explode. Make sure you are using the right brand of charger, or the one that came with your MOD and make sure to attend to the battery while it is charging. This way it will never get overcharged.

VG Chasing

Another thing to think about is the e-liquid. It should have a higher blend of VG. For thick clouds, your e-liquid should be about a 70/30 blend with VG being the greater unit and PG or being the lesser. This produces great clouds, is easy on the throat, and tastes better. You can also use pure VG, which is what professional cloud chasers tend to use.

The Wick and Coil

Wicking is another important part of cloud chasing. If you treat your wick properly you will get the most use out of your e-liquid. To do this, cut both ends of the wick. Fluff the ends up, and then tuck them under the coil, leaving room for air beneath the wick as you push it to one side. The most important part of cloud chasing is how your coils are built. Use a dual coil for maximum cloud production.

As you can see, cloud chasing is definitely only for the most experienced vaper. Misuse of the battery or airflow could lead to the explosion of your MOD potentially causing harm to you or those around you. Taking all this into consideration, enjoy! Cloud chasing can be thoroughly entertaining and exciting.

The Real Feel of Vapor From Your Device

People who smoke for a long period of time will sometimes have the impression that there’s nothing that they can do to simulate the smoking experience without taking in harmful tobacco or enjoying themselves. If they want to quit, they’ll need to take the so-called ‘cold turkey’ method and stop completely. This is often unthinkable. The addiction to nicotine and the pleasure that one draws from smoking a cigarette is too difficult to give up. However, the taste and feeling of vapor is now thought to closely mimic that of a cigarette. Technology has come a long way. Smokers are finding that they really can quite with a vapor device.

It’s Clean
When one inhales vapor, it’s different from the smoke in a cigarette, in a good way. The smoke from a cigarette is filled with tar and it’s something like if one were inhaling fumes from a factory. But while maintaining the pleasant flavors of a cigarette, vapor tastes clean. It’s something like switching from tap water to filtered water. The water tastes much fresher, and the person who is drinking it can tell that it is a significant upgrade. Similarly, the vapor in a device tastes better. No matter what sort of device one uses (e-cigarette, vaporizer, MOD, etc), this truth holds.

Something that cigarette smokers enjoy about inhaling is that feeling of thick smoke in their lungs. As odd as it sounds, it’s a pleasurable and enjoyable sensation. They often think that this simply cannot be mimicked by anything else, because anything that one puts into their lungs would be harmful. But vaping isn’t harmful. The thickness of the vapor that the smoker will inhale is often as thick as that of the cigarette. The sensation that the smoker enjoys is not diminished when they begin to vape.

Vapor contains all of the elements that smokers love about cigarettes. The only thing that they lack is the harmful chemicals and the stink. You may not know that you stink, but you do. Smokers are typically not very sensitive to how they smell. Thankfully, when you switch over to vaping, you will no longer carry around that burdensome odor. Rather, you will be able to enjoy the sensation of a smoke without worrying about the long term health effects that cigarettes cause.

3 Quick Tips For Getting More Vapor From Your MOD

Most of us know that a MOD is a device that allows wattage and voltage changes depending upon on your vaping needs. Just by using it, you stand to really increase your vapor production. However, you’ve to have an understanding of how wattage and voltage work in order to increase your vapor production. Below are 3 tips for increasing your vapor output when using a MOD.

Tip #1: Sub-Ohm
Sub-Ohm vaping refers to vaping at a resistance of below 1 Ohm. This is a great way to produce more vapor from your MOD because the resistance is low. However, it should be noted that this could lead to battery spoilage due to the stress impacted.

Tip #2: High Wattage
If you want to achieve a greater vapor output from your mod, then you need to increase the wattages of your device. This however, should be done carefully so as not to burn your coil and therefore get a burnt flavor instead. If this happens, it could ruin your vaping experience and your interest in trying new things in vaping. Therefore, if you’re to increase your wattages, you need to first start at the low level. From here, you can increase the wattages gradually. Ensure, that every time you add wattages, you should vape and test if the device is too hot. If not, increase the wattage setting slowly and repeat this. However, if the device is too hot, you should adjust the wattage settings to the previous settings.

Tip #3: Lowering Coil Resistance
Another way of increasing the vapor output of your MOD is by decreasing the coil resistance. Remember, high temperatures are required in order to optimize the level of vapor production. Lowering the resistance of your mod will lead to the high temperatures required. However, it should be noted that if low resistance coils are used, they’re bound to burn out more quickly that the high resistance ones. Therefore, it’s important that the coils be changed often to avoid getting burnt flavors.
Increasing vapor production is one of the ways in which a vaper could enhance their vaping experience. However, while doing so, utmost care should be taken because MODs tend to be tricky in their usage, and if one isn’t well-informed on how to operate them, they could be a safety hazard.

Secondhand Vapor Is Not Like Smoke

Within the last decade the number of people who smoke cigarettes has dropped significantly. This is in large part due to an alternative form of obtaining nicotine, called e-cigarettes. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes produce a vapor instead of smoke. Because of this, many people prefer e-cigarettes as there are benefits not only to those who use them, but to other parties around the user as well.

There are several ways that e-cigarettes differ from the original cigarette. Other than the way that you use each of them, one factor to consider that is different is the second hand aspect. One reason people prefer e-cigarettes over cigarettes is that the vapor from e-cigarettes is only released when the user exhales. Cigarettes continually burn and produce smoke no matter what as soon as they are lit. Therefore there is a certain amount of courtesy to others that can be displayed by those who use the e-cigarette with vapor as opposed to those who use regular cigarettes. Since the e-cigarette produces a vapor or mist into the air there are also no ashy, smokey, or unpleasant smells that are associated with the use of it. In opposition, the common cigarette is known for producing each of these unpleasant smells and can remain with the person who smoked it or someone who was within proximity of them throughout the day.

In addition to the smells and frequency of smoke or vapor from these two products there are a few health benefits with the e-cigarette vapor. When smoke from a cigarette is released into the air a person who intakes the secondhand smoke intakes much of the harmful chemicals associated with it. This is an extreme problem with secondhand smoke and cigarettes. People who make the decision not to smoke are still punished from those who do. In regards to the vapor from an e-cigarette, the secondhand party is not punished as severely. Two of the main pollutants from a cigarette, carbon monoxide and tar, are voided when it comes to the secondhand vapor from an e-cigarette.

There are several ways that e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke differ. The secondhand aspect from each are both very different. The e-cigarette vapor is more easily controlled, does not produced bad smells associated with smoke, and does not produce the same health hazards. Because of this, look for the e-cigarette to continue to replace the existence of regular cigarettes.

Vapor Isn’t Smoke – Stop Confusing The Two!



The price tag on a pack of cigarettes has caused a tremendous change in the smoker’s market. Many former smokers have turned to vaping for two main reasons. The first is the inability to keep up with the high price of smoking and because previous efforts to quit cigarette smoking have failed. It can be quite a task to explain to people that vapor and smoke are not the same thing. For the record, they’re nowhere close in comparison.

An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a the e-liquid used to vape it. When a person takes a hit from their electronic cigarette, the e-liquid inside turns to vapor. When the vapor is released, it resembles smoke from tobacco products. There are many differences between the two though.


Tobacco smoke leaves clothing, breath and hands smelling rancid. The odor becomes stronger if it gets wet. If the e-cigarette is flavored, it may leave a momentary aroma, but it does not linger in the air like sweaty feet in a locker room. E-cigarettes do not yellow windows, mirrors or fingernails. The vapor from these devices disappears within moments after releasing it from the lungs. Tobacco cigarette smoke can last several minutes to hours after exhaling.


Keep these points in mind the next time you confuse vapor with smoke in order to have a more informed conversation about the subject.

Can your vaping device set off a smoke detector?

Anyone who vapes knows that this healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes does not produce smoke, but vapor. This is the reason why some places let you vape inside. Though some still ask the question, can my vape set off a smoke alarm? First instinct says no, why would it? It does not produce any smoke. It has happened on the rare occasion though, which begs the question of why, when no smoke is produced.

To fully answer the question one must find out more about smoke detectors to see if that may be the reason.

There is more than one type of smoke detector that is commonly used today, optical smoke alarms and ionization smoke alarms. Some systems even use both of these technologies.

Optical smoke detectors are pretty much just light sensors. Beams of light are used to detect smoke particles in the air. If there is smoke in the air, the smoke will travel into the optical detector and it will block off the infrared rays inside the chamber of the detector. When the detector senses the particles that are blocking the rays, it will then trigger the alarm. This type of alarm seems more likely to be a type that may be set off by a vaping device. The other type of smoke detector commonly used is the ionization smoke detector. These are the types typically used in households. This type of smoke detector uses a radioisotope to create ionization in the air. Smoke particles in the air will block the ionization and travel into the chamber of the smoke detector, thus sounding the alarm. This type of alarm seems less likely to be set off by a vaping device because it typically requires real smoke to set it off.


After looking at the types of smoke detectors, it is time to look at the vaping device itself. Since vapes do not produce any smoke, just vapor, it seems unlikely that the vape would be the cause of a smoke alarm going off.


With as rarely as it happens, it’s probably safe to say that vapes setting off smoke alarms depends on what type of detector is present. The chances of setting off an ionization detector is very low, but setting off an optical detector would be easier and more common. So to answer the question will a vape device set off a smoke alarm? Usually, no. It is possible though, depending on the detector type.

Tips for Avoiding Vapor Flavor Exhaustion

Vapor flavor exhaustion is commonly known as the vaper fatigue among the vaping community. If you are into vaping, you might have experienced this. Flavor exhaustion is increasingly high in individuals who used to smoke before. This is because smoking dulls the taste buds. The condition is mostly caused by lack of switching to different varieties of flavors. Also, you may experience it if you’re having a cold or if your mouth is constantly dehydrated. Luckily, there are various ways of avoiding flavor exhaustion.

Basic Guide and Tips for Preventing Vaper Fatigue

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons why people easily get flavor exhaustion. You therefore to need to make sure that you take lots of water, especially if you recently stopped smoking.

When having a cold, flavors may not easily be tasted. You might therefore want to consider stronger flavors like mint and menthol. This will help fire up those taste buds and bring back your sense of taste.

Vaping the same flavors continuously could be a reason for flavor exhaustion. You should therefore make sure that you switch between varieties of flavors. This will not only prevent vaper fatigue, but, it will also give you a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Sometimes vapor flavor exhaustion may be due to a build-up of the film caused by dehydration. This film may prevent the flavor from reaching the taste buds. To avoid this, make sure you always brush. This will help get rid of the build-up. Smelling in coffee may also help with this condition. The coffee inhale shocks the olfactory sensors that may have gone dull and forces them to reset. Also ensure that the e-juice flavor you purchase are well steeped or at least wait for them to steep before vaping on them. Sometimes the problem may not be with your taste buds. It may just be that the flavor isn’t mature.


It’s important to note that the base of your flavor may also contribute to flavor fatigue. Propylene Glycol is what enhances the flavor while the vegetable glycerin moistens it. Therefore, switching to flavors with a higher PG percentage may help with the fatigue. Also, make sure that your atomizer is never dry. This may be responsible for the burnt taste of flavors. Lastly, make sure that your flavors are stored in a cool and dark place.