The Hand to Mouth Action of Vaper

Many vapers are former smokers. The oral fixation is only part of the connection. The second part of the need comes from the hand to mouth movement. Some use this as a fidget while uncomfortable, others absently roll it in their palms between puffs, and there are places that do not allow vaping of any kind, however, holding it gives the vapor user a sense of calm.

With the popularity of vape pens and modified vapor rigs, even those that never smoked a cigarette before has taken to using them. University students under stress often use them to chew on with the occasional draw, while someone who was once a cigarette smoker prior will suckle the tip without ever pressing the button. This leads to rarely seeing anyone find a vape user without their vapor rig in their hands or close by. This holds especially true for those that use it as a stress-relieving fidget.

Some people use pens or modified vape devices as something to simply have in their hands. Whether it’s to roll the contraption in their palms or even press the button for quick inhalations, it is about the hands rather than the mouth. This isn’t a nervous fidget, rather something that vapor users absently do so they don’t have to pocket and unpocket the device repeatedly.

Restrictions have been placed on vapor use. While they’re not as stringent as cigarette smoking bans, they exist. A vaper will still keep their pen or vapor rig in their hands and even tug at the tip without inhaling. This is important for those who do use e-juice with a nicotine level. Where once people placed cigarettes behind their ear to toy with, there is now the option of different sizes, colors, and types of vapors. Whether for convenience or for self-soothing, vapor users certainly have plenty of hand to mouth action happening. Idly, absently, or purposefully, the vaper has control of the vape. This is a primary reason the market has erupted. It appeals to more than smokers, former smokers, or even future smokers.

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