The Ins and Outs of a Parallel BOX MOD

Box MODs are custom-built vaping devices for those who’re ready to go beyond “regulated,” or pre-built devices for the average consumer. These devices can be divided into two main types based on their battery configurations; parallel box MODs and series box MODs. Both types have their advantages.

Parallel box MODs use multiple batteries in a parallel configuration, creating an independent circuit from each of the batteries. This splits the current between each of the batteries. The voltage remains the same, but battery life and overall amps are increased because there’s less draw on each of the batteries. This type of MOD can allow you to use a super sub-ohm build (less than .1 ohm) as the draw will be safely divided among each of the batteries. A series box MOD would put the same load on each of the batteries, which’ll result in less battery life.

Parallel box MODs mean you can use more batteries at a consistent voltage and a consistent draw, which allows for a much longer battery life when compared to a series box. When pulling on the build, you might notice a longer “ramp-up” time than with a series box because the current is passing through more wire, which heats up the coils slower. However, once the coils are heated it’s a non-issue. The advantages in battery life and safety are more than worth it for many modders.

Another reason these builds are safer is that they keep the voltage down to that of a single battery, typically 4.2 volts. This prevents the coil from breaking the liquid down at too high of a temperature, which may lead to the release of unwanted chemicals. Some modders who like to blow massive clouds will still use devices that go over 5v, but it’s not recommended unless you know the risks to your health. These builds are still not recommended for beginners. If your device cannot manage the ohm load or the batteries are pushed beyond their amp limit, it can destroy the device, cause burns, or leak toxic materials. The same problems can result from simple mistakes such as inserting the batteries incorrectly or keeping the device clean.

Because of the safety concerns and the knowledge and experience involved with choosing a custom build, it’s obvious that parallel box mods should be left to the experts. Beginning users may want to stay with a “regulated” or off-the-shelf build until have more experience and have a reason to move up to something more powerful.

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