The Other Side: Pros of MAXVG liquid

In the previous blog post I provided lots of ‘cons’ to MAXVG liquid, and ‘pros’ for a more balanced solution.  Now – in all fairness – let’s explore the other side of the argument.




First, understand what constitutes “MAXVG”… typically the content is no higher than 70-80% VG.  There are some flavorings available in VG, but the vast majority of flavoring in the commercial market is only available in PG.  Nicotine is also available in both PG and VG – but most vendors prefer to work with PG because it’s much easier to work with.  Long story short – most MAXVG liquids still contain 20% PG or more.  Again, I say MOST – there are vendors out there who specialize in liquid that contains absolutely no PG (and, for what it’s worth – some of them are damn good).



Throat Hit is a highly subjective matter… if you prefer less throat hit, higher VG liquid is definitely a good thing.  Personally – I am a big fan of the “mouth to lung” style draw when it comes to vaping – I LIKE SOME THROAT HIT – but, for those of you that take it straight to the lungs… MAXVG liquid produces much less of the ‘pressure’ at the back of the throat.  That could be a good thing.



This one should be obvious – the vapor production in a MAXVG liquid compared to a liquid higher in PG is better.  It’s conducive to cloud chasing.  Mind you, my previous blog post was NOT intended to “dog on the cloud chasers…” I enjoy it from time to time.  I 100% believe part of the “satisfaction” of vaping is seeing a huge plume of vapor.  That said, as stated in the previous blog post – the incremental increases in vapor production are subject to diminishing returns.  The difference between 65/35 (PG heavy) liquid and 50/50 (balanced liquid) is very noticeable.  The difference between 50/50 (balanced liquid) and MAXVG (which is typically 30/70 or 20/80) is almost indistinguishable to all but the most discerning cloud chasers.  The bottom line – MAXVG is great for vapor production… if vapor production is the most important consideration for your personal vaping style… MAXVG is “the solution” for you.



Although MAXVG is muted due to the absence of PG – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs_ are typically NOT lacking in the flavor department… the vapor encounters fewer obstacles in a dripper as compared to a clearomizer, or even a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA).  Increased performance of advanced user devices like Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers makes ALL flavors stronger… bolder… for the people who light a lighter more nuanced vape in a dripper – MAXVG might be a good solution.



VG is sweeter than PG – if you like a sweeter vape – VG is a great way to sweeten a liquid without the use of artificial sweetener.



MAXVG liquid performs well in drippers.  It’s thicker, so it leaks out of air intakes less.  No one really likes liquid running down the side of their mechanical mod – I’m one of them.  If I was looking for a liquid that I intended to exclusively drip – MAXVG might be a good choice.


PG Interolance/PG Allergies

For those of you that are verified sensitive to PG, MAXVG is the only option.

For those of you looking for a MAXVG eLiquid – we presently offer Sure Bert.  It will NOT be the last MAXVG liquid we offer – not by a long shot.  We very much keep track of all the requests – if we see demand for MAXVG liquid we will do our best to accommodate it.

cloud chasing

We’d love to hear from you… how do you feel about the PG/VG ratio piece?  Which do you prefer?

6 thoughts on “The Other Side: Pros of MAXVG liquid

  1. Mark Niland

    Thanks for the article, very useful info especially for someone like myself who is still in the early learning stage.

  2. Eric

    honestly…..taste is most important to me. i could care less about pg and vg. if a 90%PG liquid tastes great, then i like it. if a 90%VG liquid tastes great, then i like it. imho 50/50 is the best of both worlds, and works/tastes great.

  3. Lonnie Place

    I enjoy Max VG. Dense clouds, thick liquid etc. For me Max VG tends to make my mouth dry. I have found that pg is the flavor carrier, higher pg 50/50 juices are your flavor carrying juices. Never been a cloud chaser per say. I use a RDA/ dripper only! For the flavor and cloud best of both worlds! I use a 110 watt regulated device and I keep it cranked up! I enjoy warm vape! While I can see thick uber clouds with Max VG. The flavor balance is absent. I see no difference in cloud production comparing 50/50 to a 70/30. In my opinion a 50/50 blend is a well balanced mix of flavor and clouds! The best company/ juice maker I have found for consistent taste/ quality is Nicoticket. They offer delicious desert vapes. And some of the best tobacco blends on themarket! There vanilla bean steep is unique and you will find no other juice on the market that tantilizes the pallet like Nicoticket juices do. Believe me I tried! Maybe I’m partial? The very first purchase of juice online was with NT. And continue too over a year later!

  4. Trisha

    Both articles are very informative and well written – thank you!

    I fall into the category of intolerance to PG, so the less, the better. Shame because I’d never been intolerant or allergic to anything before.
    A year ago, there weren’t too many Max VG ones around, but I found one good company willing to make theirs for me in Max VG.
    Further trial & error showed me that finding other really good quality and well flavoured ones was not going to be easy, but I then found that Nicoticket made some superb ones, often in short runs, and some terrific PG/VG ones.
    I couldn’t use the PG/VG ones on their own, but could mix 20% of them with something like the Max VG Crème Brule or Custard.
    After a while though, the extra PG involved by mixing them in that way built up into a higher intolerance, so I had to stop using them in that way regularly sadly.

    There are more simple fruit than creamy or dessert flavours around in Max VG, and I don’t care for fruit ones, and find a few fruits actually give me problems too.
    I think it’s the same as with an allergy: An intolerance or reaction starts with one thing, and then develops with others. (Lime, Blackcurrant, Apple, Pineapple and also Cinnamon seem to be the worst flavours for me).
    My favourites are the chocolate, creamy vanilla and dessert/bakery types that have plenty of flavour, so that narrows down my options even further.
    There are now a lot more companies that produce Max or total VG, but few have the same quality and flavour that I found for instance with all my favourite Nicoticket liquids.

    VG in itself is not without it’s potential for problems – I get some congestion with it at times, but if that’s the way to stay off cigarettes, then I’ll tolerate that for as long as is possible …always if I can.
    I’m not interested in huge vapour production or a big throat hit – just the ability to carry on without smoking cigarettes.

    I’ll always be looking out for Nicoticket liquid in Max VG, and would greatly welcome seeing some of my own favourites in it.

  5. Necrotic

    I myself don’t really have a preference. I have never had a reaction to PG so I’m capable of vaping the 50/50 blends that are offered. That being said, there are plenty of vapers out there who do have a PG sensitivity so a high VG juice is nice. Some things that may keep people from buying Nicoticket juice is simply the PG sensitivity. I’ll do love how thick the high VG juice is generally, but it seems that when I do vape high VG my coils gunk up incredibly quick. Usually I can go 3-4 days in my Haze RDA clone without having to rewick using cellulocotton (rayon). With high VG juices its pretty much cut down to 2 days. The coil turns black and the buildup creates a horrid taste. Honestly if Nicoticket were to start creating a High VG line they may see a slight increase in sales (and I mean very slight/minute), but the people who vape the juice now love it for how it is. Keep it awesome! 😀

  6. B

    Nice article Kent,

    I don’t think we all need to have our time wasted going to doctors to establish if we are indeed susceptible to PG in a bad way. Maybe those new to getting off the burning filth of cigarettes it might be a good thing if they feel they may.

    Those of us medium to long time vapers that have had their own trials and tribulations with different juices would know how they feel. I myself, although have not been so called diagnosed by a medial doctor to be allergic to PG. I have experienced different symptoms that are non existent when vaping heavy VG juices.

    I personally experienced mouth ulcers when vaping a ration of 50 % PG or higher. I have learnt through experience to make my vaping habits to a more VG heavy style of juices.

    It’s not that I break out in song or grow another head if I do indeed vape 50/50 mix, but I have a feeling that is sort of weird and also the aforementioned mouth ulcers.

    I do very much like your Créame Brûlée and although I vape it I need to keep it for an occasional use due to my preference for heavy VG.

    Why not make some Brûlée 70/30 from a pick down list from your site, just an idea.

    Thank you.


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