The Real Feel of Vapor From Your Device

People who smoke for a long period of time will sometimes have the impression that there’s nothing that they can do to simulate the smoking experience without taking in harmful tobacco or enjoying themselves. If they want to quit, they’ll need to take the so-called ‘cold turkey’ method and stop completely. This is often unthinkable. The addiction to nicotine and the pleasure that one draws from smoking a cigarette is too difficult to give up. However, the taste and feeling of vapor is now thought to closely mimic that of a cigarette. Technology has come a long way. Smokers are finding that they really can quite with a vapor device.

It’s Clean
When one inhales vapor, it’s different from the smoke in a cigarette, in a good way. The smoke from a cigarette is filled with tar and it’s something like if one were inhaling fumes from a factory. But while maintaining the pleasant flavors of a cigarette, vapor tastes clean. It’s something like switching from tap water to filtered water. The water tastes much fresher, and the person who is drinking it can tell that it is a significant upgrade. Similarly, the vapor in a device tastes better. No matter what sort of device one uses (e-cigarette, vaporizer, MOD, etc), this truth holds.

Something that cigarette smokers enjoy about inhaling is that feeling of thick smoke in their lungs. As odd as it sounds, it’s a pleasurable and enjoyable sensation. They often think that this simply cannot be mimicked by anything else, because anything that one puts into their lungs would be harmful. But vaping isn’t harmful. The thickness of the vapor that the smoker will inhale is often as thick as that of the cigarette. The sensation that the smoker enjoys is not diminished when they begin to vape.

Vapor contains all of the elements that smokers love about cigarettes. The only thing that they lack is the harmful chemicals and the stink. You may not know that you stink, but you do. Smokers are typically not very sensitive to how they smell. Thankfully, when you switch over to vaping, you will no longer carry around that burdensome odor. Rather, you will be able to enjoy the sensation of a smoke without worrying about the long term health effects that cigarettes cause.

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