The World of E-Flavor Blending

Versatility. Something that regular cigarettes just can’t offer. In addition to being incredibly harmful to you, they don’t offer the staggering number of flavors that vaping has to offer. When you take into account how much cheaper vaping is, there really is no contest. I know several people who have quit smoking because of the wide range of options that are available with e-liquids. It’s not just about boring old tobacco flavor anymore, there’s a whole new frontier of flavor out there.

By mixing e-liquids, you can create any flavor you desire. There’s no limit to the amount of combinations you can create. New flavors are coming out constantly, making it a growing universe of selections at your disposal. Looking for a safe crossover to the vaping world? Try a tobacco alternative with a touch of pine. Got a sweet tooth like me? Try mixing cola and peppermint. Want something a bit more tropical? Try pineapple and mango together. There’s even energy drink flavors available, which actually do give you a caffeinated kick. Combine that with a nicotine tobacco kick and you’ve enough stimulus to get you over a hangover. There’s a flavor combo for any situation.

As for mixing the perfect blend, that all depends on which flavor you want to be more dominant. For most mixes I prefer a 60-40, with the 60 being my favorite of the two for the mix. My suggestion’s to try the blends out by themselves first just to see how they affect you. Depending on the effect, use that as a gauge when creating your desired flavor.

The great thing about mixing is it’s rather inexpensive to amass a big enough collection to create several unique blends. When you can buy five decent quality 30 ml bottles from our website, it’s fairly easy to get a big enough collection going to start vaping the flavor you always wanted to try. I don’t feel bad about smoking all day, as it’s only vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Save your lungs, try some new flavors.

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