Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From NICOTICKET

Fall Colors

Fall is the time for warm jackets, bonfires, gold and red falling leaves, and of course, delicious treats. Without adding on unwanted pounds while devouring a sweet Fall treat, we carry delicious e-juice flavors that’re sure to satisfy the taste buds of each vaper. With that said, here are our Top 3 Fall E-Liquids that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #3: Wakonda: Coming in 3rd on this list is a flavor that screams Fall, Wakonda. This vanilla that’s mixed with the flavor profile of a fine, dark roasted coffee, and then hit with a smooth tobacco flavor is sure to please the taste buds with every hit when you vape.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #2 (Tie): Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish and The Doodle: Nothing smells more like Fall that the spicy, sweet smell of cinnamon and we have two e-liquid flavors that fit the bill. Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish is almost sinful as the taste is spot on. Just like how grandma use to make them in the kitchen during the Fall, you can now enjoy this flavor in an e-liquid bottle. The Doodle is another fresh cinnamon treat in an e-liquid flavor that represents the classic taste of a freshly baked snicker doodle cookie. These two e-liquids can be added to your Fall favorites to be enjoyed at any time of the day, without adding on extra weight, too.


Fall E-Liquid Flavor #1: Band Camp: Coming in at #1, and this might be a bit of a shocker, is the Fall taste sensation of apple. We hit the mark with this flavor profile for this awesome creation of a fantastic flavor combo called ‘Band Camp’. This rich e-liquid has all of the sweet flavors of a freshly baked apple pie without any calories. Just the smell of the sweet vaping aroma from this type of e-liquid brings on the images of falling leaves and the crisp air of Fall as the temperature outside starts to get cooler.


Spooky ghosts and ghoulish pumpkin faces are not the only Fall treasures that people imagine with this season. There are many treats and goodies that are reserved for fall and we tend to capture them all with our skillfully crafted e-liquid flavor combinations.

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