Vapers are Vapers – Not E-Smokers

What do you call the people you see vaping? If you’re not familiar with the practice, you might call them “e-smokers”. This is really a misnomer, because vaping is far removed from smoking.

The confusion has come about because of the way that vapers have evolved. In the beginning there were e-cigarettes. They were a way for smokers to “smoke” without the necessity of an actual burning cigarette. While not smoking, the fact that these were called e-cigarettes led people to call the people using them e-smokers.

Vaping has evolved quite a bit from those meager beginnings. Today, many people vape. In fact, a few vapers out there have never smoked at all. The difference between the two habits is night and day. Unfortunately, the use of the term e-smokers has led to a discouraging social view of vapers. Calling them by what they actually are could help change the way vapers are viewed by society.

Smokers use cigarettes or cigars, which release toxins in the air and into the person’s body. While the contents of different vaping fluids varies, none hold the same chemicals as cigarettes. It’s also important to note that none of these chemicals are released into the air by vaping. Only vapor and moisture are released. Vaping is also superior to smoking because it doesn’t have the harsh consequences that smoking has for the user. It won’t tear up your throat, make you cough, or make it hard to breathe. Thus far, the effects of vaping have been inconclusive, but so far there have been no connections to cancer.

When you know the facts it’s easy to see that vapers aren’t anything like smokers, and shouldn’t be referred to as such. Vaping is so far removed from smoking that they are no longer called e-cigarettes. These instruments are called many different things, including vaporizers, vape pens, MODs, and even and hookah-style pens. While there are still products being marketed as e-cigs, these are vastly different from vapers. Calling vapers e-smokers puts a negative light on what they do. It’s important that you call them vapers, so that society can understand that it’s not the same as smoking. With enough awareness, perhaps vaping can become socially acceptable.

One thought on “Vapers are Vapers – Not E-Smokers

  1. Peter Swanson

    On every public newscast that I have seen that covered a vaping related issue, the newscaster (or talking heads as we used to call them) would always say e-cigarette or e-cigarette user, never referring to them as vapors. I think this is the core problem with the negativity that vapors get. Instead of seeing a segment about someone whose mod blew up in his pocket (probably because he was using a Cherry Bomber clone with a .10 ohm build that he got from a couple of friends who had no idea of battery safety), I would love to see a segment broadcast to the public showing how vaping saved someone’s life from cancerous cigarettes. And now, with the upcoming restrictions the FDA intends to put on all modern vaping equipment and juice, that someone’s life looks like it will go back down the cigarette highway once again.


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