Vaping Battles: Geeks vs. Nerds

G Vs. N








Geeks and nerds are great for everyday folks to have around because of their studious nature. Both these types are somewhat obsessive about learning and a geek’s more sociable about sharing their knowledge. Nerds are experts at doing things, so when they gather knowledge, they’ll use it to improve the way things are done. Geeks love to find out about new things and will sample various gadgets and new products to assess their value.

As with the rest of the world, geeks and nerds have lots of knowledge to share with the vaping community. The nerd will probably know how to achieve the best vaping experience and a geek will probably have experimented with the various vaping tools and can share with you the best e-liquids.

Now, as a rule of thumb, don’t argue with either. Let them state their opinion, listen thoughtfully, and thank them for sharing because one trait that they share is that they’re authorities on the topics. Geeks tend to be a bit long winded and very detailed when giving you their valuable insight, so be prepared for a long one sided conversation on the topic. Again don’t disagree, or more details will follow. When a nerd shares their insight, they also can be quite detailed in how to achieve new heights in vaping. You’ll probably learn in great detail about sub-ohms, coils, and how to achieve the densest and largest clouds you can imagine. Don’t disagree and prove your inferior intellect.

Both vaping geeks and vaping nerds should have their own blogs, with the geeks telling you about all the new rigs and e-liquids and the nerds telling you about how to get the best and most flavorful vaping experience.

Many believe that geeks and nerds are lacking in social skills because they spend so much time learning that they don’t get much practice at social interaction. In the vaping community, they may get more attention than they can handle because everyone’s looking for the best equipment and the best experience they can get.

This brings us to the final question of who would win a vaping battle then: A geek or a nerd? I guess it depends on the audience. If you’re someone who likes to build or tweak your MOD for a better vaping experience, to you, the clear winner’s a nerd, who has focused his attention on learning how one works. If you’re someone who has tried a variety of vaping gear and can’t wait until the newest one hits the stores, then a geek would be your choice. You’d probably hang on every word they have to tell you about the materials used to make it, the latest innovations used to improve the vaping experience, and the perfect e-juice to use.

So the winner is: UNDECIDED. Face it, we need both geeks and nerds because they’ll help us improve the vaping experience.

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