Vaping: Bridging Generations Together

For years, vaping has been an activity that has attracted people from various backgrounds with one thing in mind; to have a good time. This process involves heating up an e-liquid that results into an odorless vapor which is inhaled by users. Vaping is quite the same as smoking, however without the unpleasant effects and this explains why people relate better across generations while vaping.

Vaping has been regarded as a good pastime that helps people relax as they bond with each other. A friendly environment is created for your friends, acquaintances or family members when vaping at home or out in public. The laid back environment brings people together both the young and the old as they mingle and indulge in creative discussions. Just like any other pastime activity, vaping gets better when you gather a couple of your friends or family after school or work and even over the weekends. Better relationships are built each day through vaping as more and more people embrace the idea and despite the difference in age, background or ideologies, individuals learn to appreciate each other’s opinions.

Today, we have been divided on several grounds and there is an urgent need to find a common position, something that brings us together; vaping is one of these things. Vaping eliminates adverse effects of smoking such as foul smell and breathe, burns caused by cigarettes, increased possibility of acquiring cancer among others. It has created a whole community of individuals from those who vape to those who even own their own vape shops. Similar to the bars and other entertainment lounges, vaping areas provide the required comfort to vape in public with others. People come together in these vaping lounges to relax, test new vape samples and basically bond with others.

Vaping has truly bridged together different generations with the common goal of making the switch as the activity reduces tension that may result when people of different generations hang out. Emotions are maintained at an even level across a room of vapers and consequently few arguments arise among a gathered group. We all have our own unique personalities and some arguments are inevitable however with vapers these are likely to be healthy type of arguments where we are able to discuss our differences maturely. Vaping has over the years brought together individuals that would not have met anywhere on normal circumstances. It is a way of creating change and at the same instance; helping tobacco or nicotine addicts get clean.
Vape lounges and shops enable people to vape without discrimination and away from any kind of social stigma. It has changed people’s lives by saving them a god amount of money that they would have otherwise spent on cigarettes, vaping has brought families together. This is a better and healthier experience for anyone however remember that any activity has some rules and there are areas that may not be as welcoming to the idea of vaping therefore ask around before you vape just to be safe.

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