Vaping Selfies Are All The Rage


Vaping has grown in popularity with a rapid fire, inserting itself into the lives of smokers and nonsmokers alike worldwide over the past decade. Simultaneously, the selfie revolution has been growing alongside the vaping rage as both communities have seen huge strides in product technology and ease of use. Naturally, the worlds of selfies and vaping have combined, and the vaping selfie is now commonplace. It’s a way for vapers to show off their favorite device and the incredible clouds they can produce.

Vapers are taking selfies with their devices these days for a number of reasons; to be seen on social media and blogs was the natural progression of the community’s pride. The vaping selfie usually shows off which equipment that person taking their selfie thinks is the best and showing it off in a picture with a large, dense cloud or interesting vapor trick. People have been including their personal interests in their selfies for as long as this revolution has been around, this now includes vaping.

The vaping selfie represents a confident person who wants to express to the world in a clear message that they vape and they feel pride and confident about it. The bold and public way that vaping selfies are posted shows the self-acceptance and happiness a vaper has in their decision to embrace the community and grow the exposure of it.

Vaping will continue to grow in popularity thanks in part to vaping selfies. The more exposure a new technology like vaping has, the more the trend is accepted as a new household product that’s a better alternative for use everywhere by standard consumers.

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