Vaping to Join Star Status

Hollywood has embraced many norms of society. Also, through Hollywood, many trends have become norms of society. We’ve seen cigarettes and alcohol displayed in movies, on TV and in the media, gaining acceptance through Hollywood’s portrayal. A new trend that has hit Hollywood, and is becoming increasingly popular are electronic cigarettes and vaping in general. This alternative is starting to become accepted by celebrities and the media, as it’s only a matter of time before it gains exposure through the big screen and TV.


Vaping companies have been working on becoming a trend for years. Their hardware has become increasingly high tech over the years. The e-liquids that are produced are more robust as well. Finally, they’ve received the status they were looking for.


Now, with numerous celebrities and entertainment companies partnering with the vapor companies, Hollywood will be following. Stars that’ve joined the vapor scene include Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry. Even David Letterman tried one on his own show. The e-cigs were aired in a skit on the golden globes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They’ve appeared on late night shows, and a few movies, but Hollywood will be looking to create a far more regular partnership soon enough. An increase in positive exposure is coming for this industry through television and movies.


The vaping industry almost as a whole would benefit from a partnership with Hollywood. They would gain unlimited exposure to the general public. At the moment they’re still questionable to many people, with part of that being due to some media outlets having a biased opinion of the industry. With Hollywood’s support, they’d gain almost immediate acceptance and be seen as a regular occurrence. Through this partnership they’d become a norm in the American society.


As more celebrities have caught onto the fad, more of the general public has as well. This is a big step in the right direction for a future partnership. More publicity and greater acceptance among will encourage this trend. Soon, vaporizers will be similar to when traditional cigarettes became accepted. The general public should be prepared to start seeing them in movies, TV, and all over the media. This fad is soon to become a normal occurrence in everyday life in my opinion.

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