Vaping’s Contribution to the Environment


When the issue of environment conservation is raised, it implies the safety of future generations. The world is seeking to greatly reduce pollution. The question that has kept lingering on the mind of every parent out there, every smoker, every vaping user, etc. is the impact of vaping in regards to reducing environmental pollution as compared to other forms of smoking. Is vaping a new way of reducing the amount of pollution to our environment, while at the same time giving us the pleasure we thirst for? How does it compare to cigarettes?

Research has it that 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced globally. This statistically translates into almost 800 cigarettes smoked by everybody in the world every year. Just think about the enormous amount of butts discarded all over the place. These butts would eventually end up in the wrong places. The U.S. alone uses around $11 billion dollars annually for the cleaning of cigarette butts. Now, consider a new gadget that’s used by an individual over and over again with no butts involved. This speaks to the sense that e-cigarettes are more environment-friendly than traditional tobacco cigarettes in terms of their disposal. Thus, vaping scores better than smoking in that sense as it stays in line with environmental conservation.


Comparing the kind of smoke produced by the two, vaping extremely outsmarts other forms of smoking by far, because vaping is not smoking. While normal smoking produces dangerous gases that’re bound to affect those around the smokers in what’s referred to as “secondhand smoke”, the substances that’re utilized by e-cigarettes are naturally occurring substances such as e-liquids which naturally get vaporized in the atmosphere. We call this “vapor”.


So basically, when one person vapes and another one smokes in the same environment, the one that’s bound to affect the environment most is that of the smoker. Therefore, evidence has provided the simple solution that, smoking’s more environment-threatening than vaping.

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